Here is the complete detail list from Prometheus radio on what we'll need for the radio station.

  • At least two computers with good soundcards with good soundcards. $700-$800 to purchase each of these machines.
i think that estimate sounds reasonable. we spent about that on the two studio machines for kpcn-lp in woodburn. i would say go for these fancy sound cards:

  1. to handle the automation for the station
  2. For radio producers to edit audio
  3. For link between the studio and the transmitter since we'll be setting the studio first in the city and later to Maseno or some new location were it will be permanent. (comment from Hannah: you might also need another setup to handle a link between the studio and the transmitter, depending on whether or not the antenna can be mounted to the same building that can hold the studio, in both nairobi and at maseno university. )

  • Two exciters (so we can run workshops on how to build an exciter.
  • Transmitters

Radio Transmission Equipment

NRG Kits main page

Item Manufacturer Model Quantity Price Ordered Received
Exciter NRG Kits PLL Pro 4 Watt kit 1 $156 Yes (x2) Yes
Amplifier NRG Kits 40 Watt (4 watt input) 1 $215 Yes (x2) Yes
Limiter NRG Kits Mono Limiter Kit 1 $65 Yes (x2) Yes
Power Supply Local - 220V 13.8V, 10 Ampere 1 $120 Yes (x2) Yes
SWR / Wattmeter Diamond SX-200R 1 $90 Yes (x2) Yes
Total   $646

Cable and Connectors

RF Connection - Markertek -

Item Manufacturer Model Quantity Price Ordered Received
Coaxial Cable Times Microwave LMR-400 or equivalent 100 feet $55 No n/a
RF Bulkhead jacks Amphenol SO-239 jack 6 $15 Yes (x10) Yes
RF Connector RF Connection PL-259 connector 10 $20 Yes (x15) Yes
Dummy load RF Parts 50 watt dissipation 2 $80 Yes (x2) Yes
Weatherproofing Coax-Seal CS-104 Waterproof tape 3 $10 Yes Yes
Total:   $180

Studio Equipment

Zzounds -

Behringer UB1222FX Mixer $180
CD Players $100 Each
Headphones $25 Each
Cassette Deck $100
Portable Minidisc Recorder $100
Audio Technica ATM41a Microphone $75 each
Total Cost:
Mixer $180
Microphones $150
Headphones $50
Playback $300
Remote Gear $200

Grand Total

$1705 per station

-- AngeM - 28 Oct 2006
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