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gearteeth_indyprocess_small.gif Welcome to the home of the Global Foswiki..
This is a web-based collaboration area for gathering collective knowledge
about what indymedia is, what its long-term and short-term goals are,
what has already happened and what is still to come.

This page is currently being reorganized, so don't worry if you cannot find something
Esta pagina esta siendo reorganizada; no tenga miedo por su materiales, estan en algun lado
La pagina sta venendo riorganizzata. Non temete non buttiamo via niente!
La page est en train d'etre reorganiz\xE9e. Ne vous preoccupez pas pour les materials que vous cherchez: ils sont toujour la!

In this page you should be able to find documents, materials and informations on network-wide working group and projects, as well as ideas and thoughts about what indymedia is about, drawn by the seven corners of the world (even if you think it's a sphere, our alchemist friends say otherwise).

Check the old version of these pages if you cannot find something that was dear to you smile

List of Sections and Contents

Global Working Groups - Network-wide working groups documents, pages and history.

  • ImcProcessHome - the working home page of the imc-process list.
  • ImcProcess - space where we collect mails and docs related to imc-process mailinglist, dedicated to discuss collective processes that shape the network. The imc-resolve working group as a separate space to gather materials and strategies on conflict resolution
  • ImcCommunication - better tools, processes for communication, includes CommworkWg and SummariesWg
  • NewImc - working Group that facilitates communications with groups who want to start an imc ( includes meta-discussion on Topic Imc 1 2, should be included directly in the new imc page and in the Global Thinking Section )
  • NewProject - a new working group for IMC projects such as syndication sites and topic based IMCs
  • ImcFinance - discussion on finances, agreements and decisions on allocating network funds
  • ImcWomyn - Womyn with Indymedia everywhere
  • Global Tech Working Group
  • TechCoordWorkingGroup - A Working Group that will try to enhace coordination of technical work.
  • ImcEditorial - a meta-discussion on indymedia's various flavours on Editorial Policy, drawing on local imc and imc-process and new-imc lists.
  • ImcLegal - legal issues facing IMCs
  • PublishingFeatures - working group to put features on the global site (see also GlobalFeatures)
  • ImcPressGroup
  • ImcVolunteer

Global Projects - Network-wide projects, initiatives, coverage.

  • GlobalWebsite - All related Projects and Working Groups to the new Global Website
  • NewsBlast - collecting and producing the news blasts that go out to the imc-news mailinglist
  • DispatchWorkingGroup - Works out guides and software concepts for the process of collecting information on an event, verifying it, distributing it cross-border via digital media, translating and localizing it for other IMCs
  • TranslationTool and an older attempt at coordinating translations: TranslationProjects - pending translations projects.
  • ImcVideo ........( Video Resources )
  • NewsReal
  • EuropeanNewsReal - european newsreal video project
  • ImcAudio - global audio working group
  • CriticalMassRadio - a decentralized network composed of independent community radio stations
  • imc-tech-solidarity - a project to send tech materials to the global south
  • WorldSocialForum - World Social Forum Workspace
  • WtoCancun - planning for the WTO Ministerial in Canc\xFAn, M\xE9xico (September 2003)
  • IndymediaAlternatives - a 'SocialForge' tool for developing and networking alternatives to corporate globalization (-- StrypeY - 28 Jan 2004)
  • WSIS- preparing for the UN Summit of the Information Society(wsis)
  • PolyMediaLabs - Documents to help prepare and organize polymedia labs at conferences and social forums.
  • ImcPhotos - somewhere to discuss the setting up of a global photos site.
  • RncConvergence - planning for the 2004 Republican National Convention.
  • AhimsaOverview - Server Seizure Portal, Oct 2004.

Global Thinking - a collection of documents, interviews, resources, ideas to think about the indymedia concept and realization.

  • Materials and Documents
  • Topics
    • Editorial Policies - the never ending argument on [[][free speech]], [[][open publishing]], [[][censorship]], and so on.
    • techies' nest - tech project, tech divide, tech toys, tech troubles.
    • Womyns - a collection on material on the gender issue in indymedia (and outside of it as well)
    • Democracy - a collection of material on participatory democracy, consensus, and problem related to a theoretical implementation of it
    • A Network is a network is a network - indymedia sails the seas of network organizing, new forms of political organization, communication flowchart
    • Hic Sunt Liones - the world is small and full of lines crossing our freedom of thought and movement. Indymedia and the problem of borders, cultural differences, transnationalism, neocolonialism and new forms of human interaction.
    • The Color of Money - Indymedia and economy: self-financing, foundations, ethical economics, and how it affects network building, project sustainability and people relationships.
    • GlobalIssues - issues affecting the Global IMC network - 2005

Global Materials - materials, documents, howtos to help understand the indymedia multiverse

NB this section needs to be organized more into subsections. most of the thing should go in other sections, apart from individual howto, documents and more specific stuff.
Notes: If you change things please let people know
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