Reflexions \xE0 l'\xE9chelle du Globe

  • une collection de documents, d'interviews, de ressources, d'id\xE9es auquelles refl\xE9chir \xE0 propos du concept et de la r\xE9alisation d'indymedia.

A propos d'Indymedia: histoire, articles, etc...

Un R\xE9seau est un r\xE9seau est un r\xE9seau

  • ImcNetworkCollection
    • indymedia sails the seas of network organizing, new forms of political organization, communication flowchart



  • ImcHistory
    • Documents et Chronologie sur l'histoire d'Indymedia

Press Collection

D\xE9bat Public

Questions mondiales affectant le r\xE9seau

  • GlobalIssues
    • issues affecting the Global IMC network - 2005 and the future

Sujets: editorial, genre, oppression, d\xE9mocratie, argent...


  • ImcParticipationCollection
    • a collection of material on participatory democracy, consensus, and problem related to a theoretical implementation of it



    • Womyn | ImcQueer
    • a collection on material on the gender issue in indymedia (and outside of it as well)

Hic Sunt Liones

  • ImcBordersCollection
    • the world is small and full of lines crossing our freedom of thought and movement. Indymedia and the problem of borders, cultural differences, transnationalism, neocolonialism and new forms of human interaction.

La couleur de l'argent

  • ImcFinanceCollection
    • Indymedia and economy: self-financing, foundations, ethical economics, and how it affects network building, project sustainability and people relationships.



  • techies' nest
    • tech project, tech divide, tech toys, tech troubles.

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