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this is a page to collect information about an idea that are coming up at the The idea came with an email from Anna who shared her (and I believe some other women as well) thought of having an women news website. From that email many other ideas came up from women everywhere and one of them was to have a women server. As you can notice nothing has been officially decided yet wink and that is why I am making this page, to collect all the wishes and try to get a plan together of how we gonna make this women-server-site project happen.

So this is plan A, the plan B is to get togher and make a table with our ideas, wishes, concerns, goals. And move forward on our project. So we would be online at our irc channel (#womyn) saying what we think and one person would be filling up this table so other women who weren't online can catch up the discussion and fill up the table with their opinions etc... and by the time this table is getting full we will have a better idea of what we want and what we need to least I hope so wink

So soon we will have a day of our online gathering in this page.

working points

server project opinions

This is a table related to the server project. To fill it up is pretty easy, just add your thoughts at the next line and remember to put | between the thing you wrote so it will create the table cell. Feel free to edit it if you would like to and add more subjects.

concerns why to create it? should it be an imc project? why? goal your wishes for this project sign
no matter how we do it i believe we should have some principals..maybe something like imc principals or PGA principals its about time for having such project! i wish it wasnt. not that i dont think it wont work as an imc project is jut that i believe if outside from imc it would be easy to have something where other women could jump in and other projects as well and at the same moment we could have something related with other servers has done the same, like linefeed, riseup, radiolivre etc been outside from imc i dont see it could at all stop us from having a open publish women news website has the server been runned by women from everywhere and been used as a tool for other women to learn more about server admin and web tools, to be a place to host sites related with women projects from everywhere and to be able to handle some email lists as well i said a lot already but i can go on and on of what i could see this project doing wink toya
discuss what is the objective of the project it's a great oportunity to empower the participation of women in using the tecnology i would like to do it not an imc project a tool to to empower women in tecnology like i said before the participation of people and see what we can build together gaba
i agree that we should have some principles and the imc one are pretty resonable because is a fact that the issues related with the women needs more voice, besides that this project could be an international channel between us, specially to look for exchanging our knowledges and experiencies about this i really dont think that the fact of it beeing in or out would change anything I would like to change information and to participate on debtes about the subbject and all the things that are happening around the world that has to do with women, and I would like to improve my knowledge about technology, (which i think is a little bit deficient), and of course I could share my skills with other women that could be interesting sorry if i said any bullshit or if did any bullshit at wiki, is the first time that i publish anything in here Karine


Im adding points discussing/asking in cmi-mulheres and people there that want to help. I think that it can works for impulsing the discussing.
  • Ieri - with translations
  • Gaba - with translations and tech issues (installing software, administering the server)
  • laelia
  • jupagul
  • xcarolx

  • A server and/or news's website?
  • Who gonna participate of what and doing what?
  • How gonna be the participation of men?
  • Will be an indymedia's project?

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