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[TerNa] These are the workshops that have been proposed so far. Please add new workshops wherever, and put your/instructor's name and a 1-line bio in the list of instructors at the bottom.


It's been proposed that participants in the IMC meet for an hour each morning and evening to discuss the plans for the day and other issues.

A series of workshops/discussions exploring effective indymedia in a specifically African context has also been proposed.

Alternative Media and Poverty Eradication

Alternative Media has the enermous potential of not only giving people a voice, but also enabling them to use this voice to eradicate poverty.

Instructor: John Bwak

Forms and Relevance of Independent Media in Africa

Potential Instructor: [MistaFab], ?

Discussion of the relevance of Indymedia and other independent media with African activists. Workshop on practical use of open publishing of news and stories within the framework of Indymedia.

Equipment list for media in Africa workshop

Introduction to Formal Consensus

Instructor: C T Butler, Food not Bombs

[description forthcoming]

Better Meeting Skills

Instructor: C T Butler, Food not Bombs

[description forthcoming]

Training for Teachers

Instructor: C T Butler, Food not Bombs

[description forthcoming]

[C.T.Butler:] I have ideas for three "tracks" or "streams" of workshops. They are: Introduction to Formal Consensus (Intro), Better Meeting Skills (BMS)and Training for Teachers (T4T) to teach Formal Consensus (FC). I think everyone involved in this event should attend an Intro workshop. People who want to be facilitators of Formal Consensus meetings should attend the Better Meetings Skills workshop and people who would like to teach FC should attend the T4T. Each of these workshops could be repeated several times. The Intro is usually a 2-day(14 hour) training. If possible, I should do at least one of these for those who are really dedicated. I am willing to design a shorter, perhaps 4 hour, Intro workshop so more people can have access to the information. The BMS workshop can be 4 hours. The T4T is also usually a 2-day (14 hour) workshop. I am willing to make this a one-day (7 hour) training.

Other workshops

Creating and maintaining indymedia sites

Potential Instructors: sphinx, Indymedia Ambazonia & rafael, ?

A behind the scenes tour of an indymedia site, plus MIR,WIKI, Mailman and a handful of others.

Equipment list for indymedia software workshop

Media streaming

Potential Instructor: BONZAI, ?

Media streaming via the net, including how to make a kickass stream with a small and low internet connection. i'm talking here about audio and video ... also possible of course the typical stuff a la wifi, diy-wifi, mesh-networks and all the other tech stuff


Potential Instructor: Zoe, ?

Producing podcasts

Equipment list for podcasting workshop

Screenprinting workshop

Potential Instructor: Janmaat, ?

Set up and run a low-cost screenprinting workshop.

Screen printing allows for low-cost and effective printing of garments and posters. It is thus a perfect means to spread out information, opinion, and arts in a "wireless" continent. We are aiming to set up a screen print studio at the WSF.

Equipment list for screenprinting workshop

Producing a newsletter

Potential Instructor: ?, Indymedia South Africa

Writing and editing stories, basic layout & design (creating & using an OpenOffice template) [better blurb forthcoming]

Equipment list for newsletter workshop

Workshop instructors

Please add a 2-line bio

CT Butler is ?

Sphinx is ?

Rafael is ?

Bonzai is ?

Zoe is ?

Fabian is ?

Jan is ?

John Bwak is from IMC Kenya. He is the founder of Sasafrica Productions, a production house that seeks to unveil Africa using the full range of art including documentaries, short movies, artwork, photography and theatre. He is also a board member of Kenya Voluntary Development Association and a consultant with the United Nations Environment Programme
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