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Meeting Minutes

On Dec. 13th, 2006 several members of the imc-africa working group Had an online meeting. Participating in that meeting was:

-On a Skyoe conference call:

Sphinx, Fabian, Andy, and Madhava

-In the chat room on we also had:

Hannah, Terna, Anna, Elena, Wara, (anyone missing??)

Here is a brief summary of the key points of the meeting:

African Delegates to the Convergence Imc Sphinx told us that there are several people in africa that are hoping to attend the imc-convergence but do not yet have funding. Some of them are facing some extreme conditions in their home countries. There may be some funding available from the WSF to help them travel to Nairobi if the imc registers as an official group.

Finances he main action taken was the decision to have the X-Y funding which was about $1800 be sent directly to prometheus so that it can be used for the initial equipment purchases for the radio transmitters. It seems that eveyone agreed that we should go ahead and be ready to build two transmitters although there was some concern over whether there would be a group ready to operate a transmitter in Nairobi. There is another $4250 coming from imc-finance and also a couple hundred dollars raised by individual imcs and donated through paypal. How to allocate this money and get it to nairobi is still being discussed on the list.

Space There was a space lined up with a good price, size and internet connection but it was too far away from the wsf. It seems John has found a closer space and is ready to get the funding to secure it. details about the size and internet weren't available but we're hoping it will work out. the original space had 50 rooms for accomdation. The new space might be close enough to the wsf to use their wireless connection but this needs to be confirmed.

Equipment For the radio, andy will use the x-y money to purchase the neccesary transmitter quipment, some from the UK and some from USA. If possible someone from the UK might be able to save the \xA370 shipping cost by bringing directly to nairobi. Some strstegies for making sure it arrives safely were discussed including splitting the equipment up between multiple people and multiple bags, and being clear that it is to be used for workshops at the WSF. It might be helpful to have some documentation to that effect. The rest of the equipment (for mounting the transmitter and outfitting the studio) will be purchased in nairobi.

Visas for Kenya Sphinx shared some information he got from wsf organizers. They have a special arrangement with immigration. They say that as long as you say your coming to the wsf at the border you should be able to get a visa to enter. This would be an exception to the normal rule that you would need an invitation letter for a visa application. We are waiting for more information including the address to use on forms when entering. Citizens of UK and USA and maybe elsewhere in the global north can secure a visa at the airport in Nairobi as tourists. South African and Ugandans don't need a visa at all.

There was some discussion but no real decision on whether or not to register the imc as an official group delgeation. this involves paying for five registrations together. it may allow us to find some extra funding to get african delegates to nairobi. It looks like anyone who wants to get into the wsf will need to pay for registration anyway. hopefully we will follow up on this on the list.

IRC Meeting Log

Here is a log of the IRC meeting which took place on De. 13, 2006 along with a skype conference call. It is missing the beginning of the chat, but this was all that I could seem to get. If anyone has a more complete version, please update. (although it seems long and clumsey to have up here in it's entirety. Otherwise I will try to add in a summary of the meeting here soon. (-madhava)

[11:44] andy said: unfortunately, i believe the person who can help us answer that is john bwakali, and he is hard to get ahold of!

[11:44] andy said: the phone number i have for him is 254.720.792390

[11:44] andy said: can anyone confirm that?

[11:45] madhava said: I seem to have lost the call

[11:47] hannahjs said: we are still here in IRC

[11:50] hannahjs said: ok all

[11:50] hannahjs said: this is the prometheus perspective on equipment purchases

[11:50] hannahjs said: (we all just talked about it briefly)

[11:50] hannahjs said: we are feeling that there is sufficient energy and support for 2 stations.

[11:50] hannahjs said: maseno is building a studio already and activating their staff and students with the resources they do have

[11:50] hannahjs said: so that's great

[11:51] hannahjs said: the energy from the new kenya IMC in nairobi has been enthusiastic

[11:51] hannahjs said: and folks in kibera (that we've heard about through dunx) and john bwakali, have been enthusiastic

[11:51] sphinx said: madhava can I call u on the skype again?

[11:51] hannahjs said: about having their own station and about partnership with maseno

[11:51] hannahjs said: so we would like to buy 2 sets of equipment

[11:51] hannahjs said: one for nairobi/kenya IMC and one for maseno university

[11:52] hannahjs said: this is our most recent (and our strongest) proposal

[11:52] hannahjs said: i think

[11:52] hannahjs said: how do people feel about this plan?

[11:55] hannahjs said: any conversation about this on the scype phonecall?

[11:55] * terna [] has joined #africa

[11:56] terna said: hola

[11:56] hannahjs said: hola terna

[11:57] terna said: sorry i'm late - only discovered there was a chat 2 minutes ago

[11:57] andy said: right now it is just sphinx and i on the skype call

[11:58] andy said: sorry about the delayed response!

[11:58] andy said: too many meetings at once

[11:58] andy said: we are waiting to hear what the people here on the irc channel have to say about the two stations

[11:58] * Anna_weg [anna@localhost] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[11:58] andy said: how do people feel about hannahs question / proposal?

[11:58] andy said: i think we here at prometheus think it is a good idea

[11:59] andy said: but i would love to hear what other people think

[11:59] * Anna_weg [anna@localhost] has joined #africa

[12:00] madhava said: It would be great if this event could help kick off two commnity stations

[12:00] sphinx said: I'm I still here :-((

[12:01] hannahjs said: thanks for answering madhava

[12:01] hannahjs said: (we also want people to leave with mini transmitters as i've mentioned)

[12:01] hannahjs said: (we think that is kind of an awesome plan, and have gotten positive responses to it in the past)

[12:02] hannahjs said: hi sphinx!

[12:02] madhava said: On space, from the skype call, it seems john has something lined up. we want to confirm the size and internet and then go ahead and send the money

[12:03] hannahjs said: that sounds good

[12:04] madhava said: On visas for Kenya, there is a relationship between wsf and an immigration officer in kenya, we're waiting for some details, but we should be able to let the wsf know who is coming for the imc convergence and they would be allowed to enter kenya

[12:06] elena said: and we do not need a letter?

[12:06] andy said: folks from the states do not need a letter from the sound of it

[12:06] hannahjs said: (we being the american peoples who are coming)

[12:08] madhava said: From the skype call, we're clarifying some details on space. john had lined up a space with 50 rooms and internet and tent space...

[12:08] madhava said: but it was too far away fom wsf

[12:08] madhava said: he has found another space

[12:08] madhava said: and is ready to get the money and pay for it

[12:08] hannahjs said: how many rooms does it have?

[12:08] madhava said: but we just need to make sure if the datails are the same,

[12:09] hannahjs said: the radio project requests one room that can be secured/locked to store and work on the equipment

[12:09] madhava said: we don't know for sure if it has 50 rooms also or not

[12:09] madhava said: we're hoping so

[12:09] madhava said: also, we don't really know how many people will come for the convergence imc

[12:10] hannahjs said: i think lots of folks will want to come and stay

[12:10] madhava said: In any case, to have 50 rooms of imc sctivits live together for the process would be great!

[12:11] elena said: cheers!

[12:11] * hannahjs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[12:11] * hannahjs [] has joined #africa

[12:11] hannahjs said: hi

[12:11] hannahjs said: sorry

[12:12] madhava said: elena, we're just discussing your question about needing a letter

[12:13] madhava said: as hannah said, american don't ned letters

[12:13] elena said: ok

[12:13] madhava said: need

[12:13] elena said: great, thanks

[12:13] madhava said: some americans will be carrtying radio equipment, they should have some good documents to avoid any suspicians

[12:14] madhava said: and for people coming from other places, there may be some special arrangements

[12:15] hannahjs said: what kind of documents shouls we have, madhava?

[12:15] hannahjs said: to pair with the equipment?

[12:16] madhava said: to be identified with wsf and workshop training purposes

[12:16] madhava said: there might be some money (like $30) to cover fees

[12:16] elena said: and those documents will be sent out to the list, maybe?

[12:17] madhava said: well, actually we don't have anything official

[12:17] madhava said: but i'm sure we could up with something that looks pretty goof

[12:17] madhava said: good!

[12:18] elena said: i think that would probably be helpful, yes?

[12:20] madhava said: Sphinx and Andy have just confirmed that the x-y money (about $1800) will be enough for prometheus to make the initial equipment purchases

[12:20] elena said: great

[12:20] hannahjs said: is the $1800 enough for the initial equipment purchases for both stations?

[12:21] andy said: i think it should just for the transmitter kits

[12:21] andy said: and so on

[12:21] sphinx said: I'm I still here :-((((

[12:22] hannahjs said: yes, i am calling these the 'starter kits'

[12:22] hannahjs said: to be fleshed out with local equipment in nairobi

[12:22] andy said: yes

[12:22] andy said: i think we can get two full sets of "starter kits" for $1800

[12:23] hannahjs said: hooray

[12:23] andy said: (just the following: fm exciter, amplifier, limiter and power supply)

[12:24] andy said: (but two sets of that)

[12:28] sphinx said: I'm I still hereeeeeeeeeeeeee my lips are sealed

[12:28] hannahjs said: me too

[12:28] madhava said: We have ended the skype call, next time we will take some time to discuss content and workshop detials

[12:28] hannahjs said: that sounds pretty great

[12:29] * wara [~zirasun@] has joined #africa

[12:29] wara said: hello

[12:29] sphinx said: Bonjour Wara

[12:29] wara said: bonjour sphinx

[12:29] sphinx said: Sa va a Mali??

[12:30] wara said: sphinx: ca va et chez toi?

[12:30] sphinx said: excuser mon mauvais Francais frown, sad smile

[12:30] wara said: c'est meilleur que mon anglais

[12:30] sphinx said: ca va bien

[12:31] sphinx said: mais tu comprend tre's bien l'amglais

[12:31] sphinx said: angalis

[12:31] sphinx said: Fabian etais ici mais il est deja parti

[12:31] wara said: j'ai parle fabian sur skype

[12:32] sphinx said: ici c'est mon address de skype : sphinx-indy

[12:32] sphinx said: vous vour parlez mentenant??

[12:33] wara said: non il est deconnecte

[12:34] sphinx said: on less les autre continuez ici en anglais.

[12:35] sphinx said: Hi all! we were talking about discussing content next time.

[12:36] elena said: okay, that sounds good

[12:36] sphinx said: What do you guys thing will be some things to pay attention as we get back to the content discuss?

[12:37] hannahjs said: hey

[12:37] hannahjs said: well for the radio

[12:37] hannahjs said: we need to do 1) hardware training

[12:37] hannahjs said: 2) production training

[12:37] hannahjs said: 3) organizational/political training

[12:38] hannahjs said: but let's talk another time about this stuff

[12:38] sphinx said: OK when should we have the next meeting then??

[12:39] elena said: next friday at this same time?

[12:39] terna said: by way of process - what about if people put suggestions and comment up on the wiki?

[12:40] hannahjs said: for content/workshops?

[12:40] terna said: yes, on content/workshops

[12:40] terna said: then anyone can follow what's going on in their own time

[12:40] terna said: and you can see everything at once

[12:40] hannahjs said: that is good

[12:41] terna said: and we can tidy it up and have a report - folks can catch up whenever they get in

[12:41] terna said: (forgive me - i find the IRC chat a cumbersome way to discuss anything with so many...)

[12:41] terna said: we can/should still chat again next week

[12:42] hannahjs said: yes

[12:42] sphinx said: terna I think including skype really reduces the pressure

[12:43] sphinx said: You can explain again and then the next person surmamries for the chat

[12:43] terna said: if you happen to be one of the people on the skype call, yes

[12:43] wara said: one speaks about the wiki I would propose can be a translation later

[12:43] sphinx said: my lips are sealed

[12:43] hannahjs said: ok

[12:43] hannahjs said: i think we are going to be signing off

[12:44] sphinx said: So friday same time??

[12:44] terna said: can't make it

[12:45] sphinx said: o you have an other proposal??

[12:45] sphinx said: or day??

[12:46] sphinx said: Sure we can work on WIki. But the chat is just to make sure we can round a few things and get a livefeel of how things are going

[12:46] terna said: 3 hours later works better for me (my son's gone to bed)

[12:46] sphinx said: Sorry it seems elena had said NEXT friday.

[12:47] sphinx said: That will be what time so that wee can correlate it ??

[12:48] terna said: 9 pm, UTC 2

[12:48] terna said: (but that's just me - if most want to meet earlier, shucks...)

[12:49] * Anna_ [anna@localhost] has joined #africa

[12:49] * Anna_weg [anna@localhost] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[12:50] sphinx said: What time do you have right now??

[12:50] sphinx said: UTC

[12:50] terna said: 7.50 pm

[12:50] terna said: 5.50 UTC

[12:51] sphinx said: Hmmm! I don't know.

[12:51] sphinx said: What others think.

[12:56] sphinx said: I have to get going now. But one thing I wanted people to think about when we think about the content/structure of our activity for this three weeks in Kenya,we should think about the ways to set a participatory dynamics in the group.

[12:57] andy said: that sounds good sphinx

[12:57] andy said: thanks all i am going to sign off

[12:57] * andy [] has quit [Quit: leaving]

[12:57] sphinx said: who has got the logs from this meeting??

[12:58] elena said: i've only got half. i think madhava's been here the whole time

[12:58] madhava said: yes

[12:58] terna said: goodbye all

[12:58] madhava said: bye bye

[12:58] madhava said: I have to as well

[12:58] madhava said: I will post log to the wiki

[12:58] elena said: nice work!

[12:58] sphinx said: cool.

[12:59] elena said: thanks for facilitating and writing from the skype conference madhava!

[12:59] madhava said: see you all soon t
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