Proposed Time Table

Nairobi: January 9,2007 to January 27,2007


-Morning Plenary: Introduction of the day's plan and consent on facilitator for the following day as well as information of chores where volunteers are needed.

-Evening Plenary: A look at the day's activity.

DATE MORNING-PLENARY (8:00-8:30) WK1(8:45-9:45) WK2 (10:00-12:00) LUNCH (12:00-12:45) WK3 (13:00-:14:45) WK4(15:00-17:00) DINER (17:45-18:15) EVENING-PLENARY (18:30-19:30 EVENING TOPIC DISCUSSION (19:45-20:45)
Jan 9 Amendments of proposed timetable Shopping for equipment needed for workshops WK1   WK1 Wiring Convergence Center   Personal Introductions Expectations for WSF-CIMC
Jan 10 - Introduction to Formal Consensus (Intro)I-C.T Introduction to Formal Consensus (Intro)II-C.T L Q&A on Introduction to Formal Consensus (Intro) -C.T Introductions: Experience and learning goals & Technical Empowerment and the Sharing of Knowledge-RADIO-PRP D - Movie screening-RADIO-PRP
Jan 11 - Electronics fundamentals: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, AC/DC-PRP Electronic parts: Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors and more-PRP L Soldering and beginning of compressor kit construction-learning the process on a few parts and teaching the next person-PRP Important words everyone needs to really understand, not just \x93sort of\x94 understand/ more on voltage, power, and resistance-PRP D - Movie screening: Low Power to the People, Community Radio Around the World-PRP
Jan 12 - Check in on kit construction progress. All resistors and capacitors should be done. Possibly set up second station for transmitter kit-PRP The Radio Spectrum - and the US interference debate-PRP L Searching the band for signals & How far will the station go?-PRP   D - Movie screening: Low Power to the People, Community Radio Around the World. Homework: Everyone do a spectum audit over night, we will choose a frequency in the morning-PRP
Jan 13 - Introductions and review./ Compare Frequency notes. ii-Construction check-in: begin soldering sensitive parts like transistors and ICs-PRP Antennas: theoretical - \x93Meet the Dipole\x94; The need for tuning, and the consequences of not tuning; Other types of antennas; Lightning protection;Masts and towers;The antenna we will build-PRP L Construct a Dipole. Continue transmitter work-PRP Construction Check in. The parts of a radio station (including Audio processing). The testing of transmitters. Test our transmitter!-PRP D Mounting all parts in the box Some ideas about organizations from US community radio-PRP
Jan 14 - Check in. How radio signals travel. How far will the signal go?. Tune our antenna Mic-PRP Progress check in. Trouble Shooting Mic (Trouble shooting practice, if necessary)-PRP L The Future of the Spectrum, and Issues in radio kits. Low power movement in the US, other countries-PRP Final testing. Turn on-PRP D Digital Audio Editing-PRP Interviewing skills teaching-Janmaat
Jan 15 - Better Meeting Skills (BMS)I-C.T Better Meeting Skills (BMS)II-C.T L BMSIII-C.T Alternative Media and Poverty Eradication-John Bwakali D Global Plenary with hook-up to all nodes combining, streaming, skype and IRC-Dun,Techies Global plenary Continues-Dun-techies
Jan 16 - Training for Teachers (T4T) to teach Formal Consensus (FC)-C.T I Training for Teachers (T4T) to teach Formal Consensus (FC) II C.T. L Training for Teachers (T4T) to teach Formal Consensus (FC) III-C.T Training for Teachers (T4T) to teach Formal Consensus (FC) IV -C.T D - What has been the roll of Formal Consensus/Horizontal organizing/participative democracy, with its inherent non-violence and egalitarian character in reinvigorating the new global social justice movement? Case in hand- Chiapas, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Peace Movement and its future-Group Brainstorming
Jan 17 -     L     D - Legality and Administration in Broadcasting (License or no license for Radio)-Hannah
Jan 18 - Screenprinting I-Janmaat Screenprinting workshop II-Janmaat L Screenprinting workshop III-Janmaat Screenprinting workshop-Janmaat D - film screening
Jan 19 - Indymedia: History & Structure- Software infrastructure and general tech- L   Indy-dispatch during events- D - Effective Indymedia in Africa-General brainstorming
Jan 20 - WSF Opening Event   L     D -  
Jan 21 - Producing a newsletter I -IMC-SA Producing a newsletterII -IMC-SA L Media streaming and Podcasting-Zoe basic html workshop, feature/article writing-Anna D - legal-security issues regarding indymedia network-Tatarana
Jan 22 -     L     D -  
Jan 23 - Fundraising 4 radical political Work-Jason Turner/Danielle   L     D -  
Jan 24 -     L     D -  
Jan 25 - WSF Closing ceremony   L     D -  
Jan 26 -     L     D -  
Jan 27 -     L     D - Closing Party

WK=Workshop PRP=Prometheus Radio Project

Kusumu: January 27 to Febraury 4, 2007

Moving/construction Radio Station at Kusumu-Maseno Campus.
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