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clara's wish list

1) a page that loads fast

2) on as many browsers as possible, including text-only browsers

3) as little clicking around as possible

4) a good balance between our features in the middle and the RSS feed

5) more attention for the RSS feed: longer and maybe with the abstract

7) the upcoming indymedia coverage

8) a layout that makes the multi-linguality of the site easy to understand and easy to use

9) "add translations" on a prominent spot

10) all translations displayed well

11) the original logo, but maybe a new banner because the cities in the banner don't make sense anymore

12) maybe 3 different layouts (black on white, white on black and another one)

13) links to some good static pages for contact and participation, links etc, but not too many (now they are spread over the page)

14) links to the feature and newswire archive

15) a space for one or two alerts

16) the mission statement and the note about copyright at a good location on the site

17) subscription to indy-news update

17) the cities list like it is

18) a better readability of texts with a lot of links

19) a set-up in which additional languages can be added easily

takver's wish list

The site needs to comply with disability standards, good useability, readability, different feature contexts, more features introed on first screen.

john's wish list

1) actual translations of navigation elements into languages other than english

2) a good, comprehensive topic set which can be used both for features and the open newswire(and ideally in the future the local features), allowing the construction of new and interesting views of the data.

3) a working search engine (i need to do some coding, this is totally my fault)

4) the old newswire archives online again (need a postgres guru for this one)

5) switching features wire rss aggregation from imc_agg to mir, allowing local features to be archived and eventually searched, as well as permitting things like including abstracts of local features.

6) getting mirror sites up and running for

7) eventually, aggregating all indymedia op newswires into some meaningful semantic space.

-- ClarA - 24 Apr 2004
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