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this page is only a draft and needs to take up more points that were raised in the discussions that spark up in the mailing list once in a while

An example:

What is a good feature?

The features in the centre column on the global Indymedia site are on issues of relevance to the global Indymedia audiance. They are ususally composed by members of the www-features collective. They are either 'compilations', which typically cover an event or issue that occurs simulataneously in different locations and are covered by several local IMCs, or 'syndications', features taken completely with little changes from a local IMC. A lot of other features from local IMCs are displayed in the right column.

What should be in a feature?

*Header kiss Country/Region (preferably with a link to a local IMC) and the general topic in CAPS (for example: ITALY: ANTIWAR REPORT; see How-to Link)

*Title kiss Not too long...

*Picture kiss Please provide the full URL of a picture to be uploaded for use in the feature. The image will automatically resize to 160 pixels wide.

*Abstract kiss This is the part of the feature that will appear on the front page. It should be of international relevance and understandable to all those that have not heard of your specific issue before. It is also the introduction and should give a brief idea of what the rest of the article is about. Including links to postings on local IMCs and other sources of independent media are preferred. Overall, it should probably not be more than 150 words (more detail will be given in the main body of the feature if people are interested enough to click on "read more"). This blurb will be the priority for translations.

*Body kiss This is the part that is reached when people click on "read more" - and, in fact, the abstract is also visible. there is no limitation on length (although bear in mind it is more likely to be translated if shorter!) More links can be included here (including to more 'corporate' sources than are advised on the front page).

*Bottom links kiss Up to 3 links to other related websites (the first link is also the one that will be linked from the picture). These will be incorporated into the 'abstract' and appear on the front page.

NOTE: If you include links to postings in other lanuages or to pictures, video and audio files, please mark them with an photo/video/audio icon.

-- ClarA - 05 Apr 2004
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