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Dear all,

the global Indymedia site is finally going multilingual.

in December 2003, a lot of Indymedia sites had to be moved to new servers and the global features working group and the global tech group used the opportunity to set up the global Indymedia site with Mir as new software. (A big thanks to everybody involved in that.)

It is now possible to (1) translate features and (2) to display the whole site in different languages.

To add a translation every user can just click on "add translation" and submit the text in any language. Links to all translations appear either above or under the feature. The rate by which translations are submitted go beyond our boldest hopes: usually the first translations appear within 2 or 3 hours and reach the main languages english, spanish and french to swedish, slovenian and urdu once in a while.

Secondly, the actual site itself (links, forms, static texts) can be displayed in a number of languages, simply by clicking in the links in the left column. If a language is specified all features will be displayed in that language. If no translation is available then the feature appears in the original language.

To make this even easier: The site is set up so that it recognizes the language settings of your browser, so spanish speaking users will directly get the global Indymedia site in Spanish now. If no language settings are detected, it will be displayed in English.

We are still busy sorting out bits and pieces, adding more languages, re-organizing our own work on the www-features list, but we hope that you are all as excited about this steps towards a multilingual site as we are.

We are also preparing for some layout changes and for some more active participation in feature-writing of under-representated regions, but we come back to that later in two seperate mails. (So please don't send us any designs right now...)

Right now we have two questions:

1) give us feedback on the concept and functionality at www-features(a) or report bugs to www-migration(a)

2) translate the following lists of words, if you want to add another language (link to the page with the bundles...)

Love and solidarity,

www-features workinggroup

-- ClarA - 22 Apr 2004
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