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Indymedia is just too big... Instead of offering links to all the groups that local IMCs affiliate and work with we have decided only to link directly to other media groups, projects, outlets, allies... and for all other links please check the lists of the local IMCs.

The links to other media allies is extremely loose and in constant progress of compilation. We know we're missing lots of really great sites... please tell us what they are! www-features(a)

For other links: please check the local sites, and tell the local collectives about missing links. If an IMC doesn't appear in the list below, then it didn't have a link page last time we checked.

Below is the text that should replace the link page on www.indy soon.

Please add direct links to link pages of local imcs or to alternative media (outlets) in html. See also IndyLinksNew, Allies, the current link page and the old one as in web.archive.


Links can best be found directly on the sites of local IMCs.

To add links to alternative media (outlets) please send a mail to www-features(at) with the name, URL and a short description.

IMCs that are not listed here don't have links on their site.


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