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IRC meeting at #features 28 March 00:01 GMT


  • evaluation of translations and multilingual site set up so far
  • results of list purge: see FeaturesSurvey2004
  • still missing pages on www.indy
  • do we want to change the layout?
  • responsibility for comments under features on www.indy
  • moving to using rt for www-features


bht (in the beginning), blackbeard, chrisc, clara, max, takver, gdm, claremarie (both more in the end)

evaluation of translations and multilingual site

"The site can now be discplayed in 7 languages but not all forms etc are translated. any other language can added quite easily if somebody translates a list of words and gives it to john. the site reacts to the browser settings now, so if your browser is set on french as a preference you get everything in french and all features in french - if available. john is working on "original" as another language option and the translations of features are coming in amazingly fast within hours after posting so I think nobody is even posting them on translation.indy anymore. imo, this is much more then we expected so fast.

  • clara will set up a wiki page with open tasks, bundles etc
  • discussing rabble's proposal not to dispaly features that are not translated: (arguments pro and con: see log): keeping things as they are for now
  • in any case: a clear link in the left column to explain about the translation process "about translations", next to the list of languages, clara drafts that

list purge

see FeaturesSurvey2004: 17 respondents, and all 17 preferred at least english. regionally speaking... no surprise that the USA is represented more than 50%. italy, australia are after that. english speaking countries most represented. none from latin america, africa, asia.

  • blackbeard will through the archives and contact some active contributers personally again
  • another week from monday before ppl are unsubscribed
  • blackbeard will draft an appropriate good-bye text
  • clara will unsubscribe ppl, based on the update of the survey list by balckbeard over a week

missing pages

several missing pages have been filled in since this agenda item was proposed, but all probably need evaluation
  • Link pages: not try to fulfill something we can't but only have
      • links to media outlets/resources (not only north american)
      • links to link pages of local IMCs
  • links to link pages are collected on wiki page for now, gdm has set it up (see next line)
  • other pages: ppl are encouraged to look trough all pages and propose chages on wiki, gdm has set up some wiki pages for all of this at GlobalMenuIdeas


yeah, we should do two things,... i'll write it up: first go to a pure xhtml / css templates, then solicite css styles or non-technical: "first somebody needs to change the structure of the site, so that different designs can be be fitted over it like changing sheets, and then others can design the pattern of the sheets" (clara)
  • max presents a prototype he worked on:
  • 4 steps: (1) everybody should have a good look at the site to define needs and priorities, (2) ask some techies to make those changes in the structure, (3) ask publicily for layout/designs, and (4) get into endless discussions for choosing the 3 best ones.
  • for now we will askeverybody to look closely at the site and at other imc sites and brainstorm about step 1 at the next meeting

responsibity for comments

  • apparently the global site does not have an editorial policy
  • no point in rushing that discussion now
  • postponed

rt for indymedia features

  • a technical system that could be used to better keep track of proposed features and comments
  • so far some ppl have acounts, and everybody willing to try it, should ask rabble for an account
  • let's get pat the list purge first

other issues

  • clara will send a wiki tutorial to wwww-features shortly
  • an announcement should be sent to imc-process as a global list to tell about the changes towards multilinguality, after the updates/wiki are in place
  • next meetings Saturday 25 April 08:00 GMT and Sunday 23 May 16:00 GMT

-- ClarA - 27 Mar 2004
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