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WWW Features Meeting 4

Saturday 24 April 08:00 GMT

check your local time
  • Wellington: 8pm
  • Melbourne: 6 pm
  • Perth: 4 pm
  • Amsterdam, Rome, Gent: 10 am
  • London, Sheffield, Edinburgh: 9 am
  • New York: 4 am
  • Chicago: 3 am
  • San Fransisco, Portland: 1 am


Please add to this list

  • links menu
  • site presentation: what do we want as functionalities: Defining a list before a html/css structure, design/layout are made
  • translations: practical problems: updating features after they are translated? images in translations? translating headers (preferably as first issue, so we can ask john and zapata to join us)
  • Tech-wishes:
  • results of list purge, and ideas who we could approach to join www-features
  • mail to local IMCs
  • templates are now on codecoop, do people need adding to the project? where is there a development server (the UkDevServer could possibly be used) what about using the bug and feature request trackers on
  • double translations


around: clara, claremarie, takver, linksrhein, paddy, joining throughout the meeting: gdm, rabble, bht

  • nothing much has done since the last meeting: all European link pages are on the wiki, and all direct media links that were already there.
  • Claremarie will send a reminder mail to the list
  • Clara will keep the wiki page organized
  • Links that are ready can go directly on WwwFeaturesLinks (to be put on a static page later), more background is at IndyLinksNew

list purge

  • about 38 people replied: all their info about regions, languages, interests etc are on Roll Call
  • about 50 people were un-subscribed
  • the list admins will try to keep the list roll call properly updated
  • clara will draft a letter to local IMCs
  • we should identify regions and languages that we lack and ask personnally for multilingual people to join us
  • going for a mix of (1) enough individuals in all regions and languages and (2) direct contacts to all local imcs, in case we want a feature about something that specifically concerns a local imc
  • such a contact list should go on the wiki

Translation / multilinguality

  • clara drafted a letter for the global lists to explain about the changes of www.indy and translations and will send it out later today
  • clara is is trying to get the list of words together that are needed to translate the whole site (bundles)

  • double translations:
    • problem if 2 translators work on it at the same time with out knowing about it
    • can translation tool be used for the translation of longer texts? some reservatons about coordination matters etc
    • "in progress" flag: can users get a button to mark a features as currently being translated, with a timeout of about 2 hrs? clara talks to zapata about that

  • original:
    • to ask John again to put "original" up as a langauge option
    • make a proper explanation page (based on the draft letter to the global lists, and with explanation how to add more languages)


  • max, rabble and some others wanted to discuss
  • some wish lists
  • do we want topics? and if so which and how many (this needs then incorporated in the layout)
  • issues what should be on the site, which priorities need to be discussed and identified before we can give this to another working group (discussion on the presentation list might be premature)
  • every body is asked to make wish lists and formulate ideas for the next meeting.
  • clara is setting up some brainstorming area on wiki for it.
  • ideas: rss feed and more articles from local IMCs, topics, the question what should be place where (alerts, upcoming events, mission statement, copyright, video/audio pages etc), feeds from allies?

Tech wish list

Next meeting

15 May 15 GMT

clara's wish list

1) a page that loads fast

2) on as many browsers as possible, including text-only browsers

3) as little clicking around as possible

4) a good balance between our features in the middle and the RSS feed

5) more attention for the RSS feed: longer and maybe with the abstract

7) the upcoming indymedia coverage

8) a layout that makes the multi-linguality of the site easy to understand and easy to use

9) "add translations" on a prominent spot

10) all translations displayed well

11) the original logo, but maybe a new banner because the cities in the banner don't make sense anymore

12) maybe 3 different layouts (black on white, white on black and another one)

13) links to some good static pages for contact and participation, links etc, but not too many (now they are spread over the page)

14) links to the feature and newswire archive

15) a space for one or two alerts

16) the mission statement and the note about copyright at a good location on the site

17) subscription to indy-news update

17) the cities list like it is

18) a better readability of texts with a lot of links

19) a set-up in which additional languages can be added easily

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