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Zapatista, John, Bradley, Gdm, Clara, (Duende)


  • duplicates of translations: need to be checked whether there is a technical reason, duplicates need to be hidden, comments etc posted as translations will be hidden, but it should be mentioned on the publish form
  • second global features list with spanish as working language: the general idea is good, but might lead to overlap when a two stories on the same topic are proposed on both lists. Also problematic: how to deal with proposals in other languages? could the spanish list also deal with protugues features? Idea: to ask the spanish speakers on www-features directly, and then send a mail to imc-latina and the spanish imc.
At them moment it might just be 2 independent lists working accoridn to the same rules, but at a later stage we might need some good coordination between them. (WwwFeaturesHow)


  • ask john about duplicates, zapatista will take it up
  • clara is trying to put that into the translation-publish form
  • Clara drafts a mail about the second list, and looks for a translator, and will ask toya for an appropriate list name
  • zapatista will screen the latin american sites for more stories
  • gdm will check oceania and east asia links
  • bradley will start adding the links from IMCs in the US

-- BradleY - 24 Jul 2004 Added the word 'links' to me and gdm's 'to-do'
-- ClarA - 24 Jul 2004
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