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Saturday 15 January 2005 00:00 - 23:59 GMT


Recently, work on updating www.indymedia.org has progressed slowly, although there has been a really impressive amount of features being produced and some of the multilingual features are amazing! Some of us felt that working on any of the individual bits that needed to be done was quite isolating and daunting - particularly as there are many people who offer suggestions (and sometimes even criticisms!) but who fail to actually put any energy into doing some of the work. This may be one of the reasons that irc meetings have always failed to maintain their momentum - because little gets done between times. So, we thought that it might be a good idea to have a time period that was relatively open and flexible but during which people can 'drop in' and do some work together, or discuss problems with the site, update the documentation, etc, without it being a formal thing.

Who came?

What were we going to do?

There is lots of stuff to do! Some ideas are already listed in the Work to be done section of the index page. Particularly, the side menus badly need to be updated: the information is out-of-date or incorrect or incomplete in many of the pages, plus deciding on the final menu items will get us one step closer to finalising the design and being able to work on the css etc.

What did we actually do?

  • updated the links page with links to the link pages of local IMCs and media links
  • proposal for a more detailed 'about' page
  • 'contact' page
  • link to FAQ updated
  • cleared "producer_en" bundle of unnecessary terms, as well as fr, de, nl (problems with the spanish bundle) - the same needs to be done for the "open_en" bundle
  • checked french producer bundle
  • looked into some issues of the sydication page
  • followed up on the expired SSL certificates - see Dedicated IP for publish.indymedia.org? email
  • made topics based on the topics we have used in the features in the last time
  • draft letter to all imcs explaining about www.indy
  • discussion on calendars/upcoming events

What needs to be done next?

  • clear the "open_en" bundle of unnecessary words (ask zapata to do that again)
  • check the exisiting translations for mistakes and missing words
  • inclue links to topics in the layout
  • fix the expired certificates
  • set up a proper syndication page again

-- GarconDuMonde - 06 Jan 2005
-- and others in between!
-- GarconDuMonde - 16 Jan 2005
-- GarconDuMonde - 17 Jan 2005 - reverted back a version cos i realised somehow i'd messed it up (probably by forgetting to save a version originally then saving it later after more changes had been made. oops!)
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