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edit a page

  • click "Edit page" link on the desired page
    • authenticate by typing in your name and password, or using the guest login which can be found on TWikiRegistration
  • edit in the textbox using these rules
    • use a blank line to create a paragraph
    • it is ok to use html (but better to use wiki formatting!)
  • click Preview
    • clicking back allows you to continue editing, (warning: in most cases)
  • click Save

delete a page

  • click on 'More topic actions' at the bottom of the page
  • click on 'Delete topic' - you are advised to remove links to the topic in all webs and not just the web that you are in.

create a new page

  • first make sure you are in the right Web (Global , Local, Sysadmin, Devel)
  • choose a page to be the 'parent' for your new page
  • edit the parent page and make up a new WikiWord for your new page (this will become a link from the parent page to your new page)
  • preview and then save the parent page
  • click on the ? beside your new will arrive at the form for new page creation
    • ( if there is no automatic "?" link beside your WikiWord at this point it may be because that WikiWord is already taken within the current web, or you might need to check that its a properly formed WikiWord)
  • add the text for your page
  • click Preview
  • click Save
  • that's it, you've got your new page

rename or move a page

  • click on [More] (bottom right of page) on the topic to be changed
  • click on Rename/move TopicName
  • enter the new name in the edit field
    and / or
  • select a web in the menu
  • click on Rename/Move (bottom left of page)

revert to a previous version of a page

  • View all changes (revisions)
    • Click the "Diffs" link to see the entire history of the document
    • Each change shows:
      • a revision number
      • a date
      • indicators for deletions (red <<) and additions (green >>)
  • View an old revision
    • Click the 'more' link, enter the revision you want to see into 'view previous topic revision'
    • To see the page, click view revision
    • To see the raw 'source code' for the page, click 'raw text format' checkbox before clicking view revision.
  • Restore an old revision
    • copy the 'raw text format' of the version you like (see above)
    • click 'edit page'
    • delete all text
    • paste, preview, save.
    • a new revision has been created

control access (editing)

format text

use special characters

  • special characters:
    • *bold* = bold
    • _italics_ = italics
    • use --- for <hr> tag
    • use ---+ for <h1> tag, ---++ for <h2> tag; etc...
    • use %BR% for <br> tag

create a table of contents

To create a table of contents of all the headings in a page, use the following TWiki variable:

include a comments box

It is possible to add a box for comments so that users don't have to login:
More detailed information about advanced features can be found at CommentPlugin

create and edit a table (simple)

A table is created using vertical bars ('|') to denote the column divisions; making the text in the cells *bold* creates a table header:

*bold* bold
normal normal

There is more information at TextFormattingRules#Table.

edit a table (advanced)

The EditTablePlugin allows you to have very simple editing of tables. When you include
on the line before a table, a little box is produced on the page that says 'edit'. When you click this, you are presented with the option of editing the current table, including adding or deleting rows. For more detailed information, see EditTablePlugin.
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