INternal Instabilities

present: lv imc, austin imc, new mexico imc, portland imc, uk imc, media empowerement project, indybay imc, philly, imc, dc imc, michigan imc, arkansas imc, ny imc, stl/big muddy imc, santa cruz imc

principles of unity were never consensed upon in sf 2001, they were simply draft principles and remain so today.

the indymedia network requires only a website to be part of the network, is that enough? should imc's be encouraged to reach out to communities that arent served by the web and the small amount of websites they know on the internet.

indymedia could be the central nervous fo rthis other world that is possible.

sophistication of coordination amongst imc sites, on a global level.

ana and lisa, the beginning smile -- one of the first conferences was in vermont and there existed a two hour debate of whether or not imc should be explicitly anti-capitalist. the decision was no, not to be explicitly anything, but to organize around anti-capitalist agendas. -- imc is at an interesting crossroads, after five years, there have been numerous problems and splits all over the world and there is alot to learn there. we are at a point of turnover with many new people coming in and we arent very good about new people coming in and discussion what the principles of unity are and what they mean. it is very unclear what it means to be indymedia. -- when imc began there were no imcs, they were just setups for protests and collaboations amongst many different medias.

product over process!

moderation and the imc -- early on there was no moderation. and there was another 'hot' debate about that in vermont/
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