We have to say first that we don't juge people for their affinities, but we have no other choice than to give a list of members from PTB/PVDA to show the takeover of this party on Imc Belgium and the non-diversity of opinions inside this "Imc". This has nothing to do about a "pseudo sectarism" toward PTB/PVDA members but rather about their real sectarism which pushed to leave more than 20 active/former members out of the Imc Belgium collective. Maybe the fact that only PTB/PVDA members are stayed at the collective is the best example to illustrate this sectarism...

You should really understand that this takeover is not visible itself in the content of the newswire or the features, it's a takeover on the control of the Imc and on its way of working.


he was the person in charge of the "multimedia" section of the PTB/PVDA and wrote a part of the electoral program for his party. He was also a redactor for "" (the press of the PTB/PVDA) before he left it to start Imc Belgium. He always denied that he still has some closed relations with his party.

3 articles of him

In 2003, he was candidate on the list "Resist", this list is born from the fusion of the PTB/PVDA with the AEL (Arab European League). During the election, him and his friends largely (mis)used of Imc Belgium as a tool of propaganda for his party. Also the critics from readers have been massively hidden and the critics from non-PTB volunteers have been ignored.

3 examples


he was also a redactor for "", he also always denied that.

3 articles of him


she bought the name "", in the past this domain was reserved in the name of a house of the PTB/PVDA and with the same phone number. Now they changed these informations but we can still find them.

She was also candidate for the list "Maria" (a list set up by some militants of the PTB/PVDA) and (mis)used Imc Belgium to promote this list and the other candidates.

3 examples


he is member of the PTB/PVDA and was the webmaster of the campaign site of Resist (which is born from the fusion of the PTB/PVDA with the AEL (Arab European League)).


he is the only one who never hide he's member of the PTB/PVDA (Comac) so by respect for his sincerity we won't say more about him.

Antonio, Rosario, Jonathan, Lo\xEFc

they are members of the PTB/PVDA. They form the local group of at Liege and in the past they have been even used to destabilize the construction of Imc Liege.

They've got an office at the building called "La Braise" which belongs of course to the PTB/PVDA, their material and their infrastructure is also shared for (See also "m\xE9dia cit\xE9")

Peter (wvl), Peter (molenbeek), Marthe, Mehdi

all of them are members of PTB/PVDA but they're not really active for the moment.

Danny, Gerard, Mara, Raf

all of them are sympatisants of the PTB/PVDA, it means they are not "official" members of this party but they've got closed relations with it.

Media center

About the media center of Imc Belgium, their offices are a part of the building which belongs to the lawer Jan Fermon, who is also a famous member of the PTB/PVDA

Other organisations of the PTB/PVDA have their offices in the same building like "Intal", "m3m",...

Address: Chauss\xE9e de Haecht 51 and 53


GetBasic has been lauched by some members of with the association "vzw Aanzet ", Aanzet is one of many organisations of the PTB/PVDA.

GetBasic is financed by the flamish government with 150.000 euro by year for 5 years, we think this is a ghost organisation invented by to receive some funds from the government like it has been already done in the past with the media circus project (, you can find more info about it on our twiki at the point

"Abuse and diversion of the image of indymedia"

Apart from that, has no link with the PTB/PVDA...

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