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How to use the BIMC email list

1. Please address others in a most respectful way. Questioning and challenging ideas and claims, and offering your view is very much welcome but getting personal is not welcome. Please take a deep breath and check your hostilities, your disrespect and your isms before you post.

2. Try and listen for the intent of what the other person was writing and respond to that. don't assume you know exactly what they are saying if you have some question. when you respond, check it out with a question directed to that point.

3. If you want to interact with a particular individual on this list about something that does not fit the mission statement please do so off the list. However if that individual should request no private exchanges with you - then please respect that request both off and on the list. Anyone who is being harassed by a subscriber to IMC bristol should let the list owners know. Harassers will be removed from the list.

4. When responding to a post, please quote only enough of the original post to provide context, but not so much that you are wasting users' time or file space. Likewise when you quote people - make it clear who you are quoting and use their exact words (do not put words in another mouth).

5. When you wish to start a new thread - remember to enter a subject to indicate that the change in topic.

6. Keep in mind that online communication lacks the communication cues you have in face-to-face and even telephone interactions. There are no facial expressions, nor tone of voice. Humor is easily misunderstood in this medium. Keep this in mind when you are expressing sarcasm and even when you are merely attempting to be funny.

7. When responding to messages please remove the original message (unless you are quoting parts of it as outlined above)

8. Keep posts to the list brief. If you're post doesn't add value, don't send it. (Example: Don't send a "thanks" message through the list. Send something like that directly to the person you're thanking.)

9. Be courteous to other list members. If you disagree with them, fine, just don't resort to personal insults.

10.You should not repost private email to the list unless you have obtained prior consent from the author. The exception to this is if the mail has been sent via a list owner because of it's pertinance to the functioning of BIMC

11, No discussion of server hosting systems, arrangements or people should happen over email, phone etc.

12. Email is for providing information, discssion should be had at meetings.

-- MayleR - 12 Dec 2004
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