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How to join BIMC

Joining 'the collective'-

  1. Anyone who attends three meetings.
  2. Agrees to work in a co-operative way.
  3. Agrees with the good practice guidelines can become part of the collective.

This means for the new volunteer, they can expect: \x96

  1. Being given passwords to the website and trained how to use them.
  2. legitimately being able to identify themselves as a member of the collective, on e-mail lists, on the website and to other third parties.
  3. Right to privacy; all imcvols have a right to operate within the collective sharing as little (or as much) as they wish of their personal lives.
  4. To be an equal member of the group, to be heard and to participate; the group runs using principles of non-hierarchical organizing and consensus decision making to ensure that we are a democratic organisation (See BristolEdPoMeetingGuidelines and BristolEdPoInformalHierarchy plus the quick guide to 'decision making by consensus'
  5. To be trained, as far as possible, in how to use the systems of the project.

Once you have joined the collective you will be able to administer the site using these good practice guidelines-

  1. If you are unsure of whether to hide a article- leave it up, and ask the list. (Also see BristolEdPoSiteGuidelines )
  2. You agree to not promote your own copy to the center column. (Also see BristolEdPoSiteGuidelines )
  3. You agree not to speak to other media organizations about Bristol Indymedia without consulting the e-mail list.
  4. You agree others in the group can edit or add information to any features that you have created-so long as this editing is accompanied with e-mail to list. (also see BristolEdPoSiteGuidelines )
  5. You agree to work with respect to others in the collective; see BristolEdPoEmailListGuidelines plus BristolEdPoMeetingGuidelines and BristolEdPoInformalHierarchy

-- MayleR - 23 Nov 2004
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