Tarehas para el Sitio Web: qu\xE9 hacer (En ingl\xE9s)

TASKS ON http://paraguay.indybay.org

Ticket system: YYYYMMDDNNN
YYYY year of the ticket
MM month of the ticket
DD day of the ticket
NNN number of the ticket. Example: 001, 002, ...


- 20070929001: Increasing the amount of contents showed at the "bloque" "newswire". If possible, until the foot of the page.

- 20070929002: Diminishing the size of the letter/font of the text in the column of the center (editoral column).

- 20070929003: Removing the small blank space that is on the Indymedia Paraguay\xB4s logo in the top of the page.

- 20070929004: The "picture publishing/configuring tool" don\xB4t show "human texts"... so that, it shows the texts:
Resolve it doing that we see "human texts" againg.

- 20070929005: The "image_vspace" and "image_hspace" of the pictures inserted in the articles/editorials are being ignored.

- 20070929006: Don\xB4t show on the "bloque" "gallery" the pictures that are inserted in articles/editorials. Show only the pictures on the "bloque" that it was published how a "Imagen" directily.

- 20070929007: Increasing a little the size of the links "A\xF1adir nuevo comentario | Leer m\xE1s"

- 20070929008: Change/rename the link "Leer m\xE1s" para "Leer todo"

- 20070929009: Hiding the authorship of the editorials (articles on the column of the center)

- 20070929010: Sometimes the "bloques" (actualy "Cities list (es)" and "Copyleft") that are on the "Pie" go to the botton of the column of the center. They must stay on the "Pie" at all the time and situations.




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