We, the undersigned collectives, object strongly to the behaviour displayed by a person associated with Darwin Indymedia, and with the initials M.L. (Because some have pointed out that using his name in proposals is exactly the kind of behaviour that we have objected to, only his initials will be used. If there is any confusion over who is being referred to, please refer to the imc-darwin@lists.indymedia.org archives.)

We object to the following behaviours:

-Use of indymedia resources to launch personal attacks on named indymedia volunteers.

-Unfounded accusations of racism, sexism, complicity in crimes and violent acts.

-Refusing to have transparent editorial guidelines and decision making processes.

-Refusing requests for defamatory personal attacks to be edited or hidden.

We believe that these behaviours are not just opposed, but toxic to what indymedia stands for and how it operates. We believe that these behaviours have no place in our network.

Because the only remaining original member of Darwin Indymedia (M.L.), has displayed these behaviours to the exclusion of any others for over a year, we therefore declare that we consider Darwin Indymedia, as it was originally constituted to be disafilliated from the network.

We also declare that M.L. is no longer welcome in the network and that the imc-darwin email list should be closed immediately because it is only being used to further these behaviours

Signatures of Collectives:


Signatures of Individuals:

-- StacyS - 07 Nov 2006 -- AnnaAniston - 07 Nov 2006 -- CamG - 07 Nov 2006 -- HarryT - 07 Nov 2006 -- TakveR - 08 Nov 2006 -- SmusH - 06 Dec 2006 -- AketuS - 08 Dec 2006 -- StrypeY - 13 Dec 2006 -- RobF - 24 Jan 2007
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