Indymedia L\xE9man Radio Project during the Evian G8/G21 Summit

See General Regional Overview, Global.GroupOfEight2003EvianEn and other G8 local pages EvianGeneveG8 and EvianAnnemasseG8.

Project Description

The purpose of IL Radio is to have a distributed radio stream. The radio stream should inform people on the events in the Lemanic region related to the G8/G21 Summit and explain why so many people are opposed to it being held. Additionally it should give a platform for issues to be raised and debated, related but not just limited to: institutions such the G8/G21 and the WTO, as well as general inequality and environmental decay.

The project is in fact another instance of the DROP (distributed radio open project). To see more information on previous examples of DROP, go to this site


These are the issues that need to be discussed: Studio, content, DROP collaboration, established radio stations collaboration, transmitter installation, advertising of project.

Studios: The Chemistry School will house the one in Lausanne and the Usine will house the one in Geneva. Servers for encoding .mp3 and Icecast distribution are present. Servers for ices2? have not been tested yet. The phone line exists in Geneva, but has not been defined yet in Lausanne. Status: Need to work on installation

Content: Collaborate with the video group for a call for content, ask local organizations to help out. Organize scheduling. Status: Need to make call for content, Need to contact local groups

Transmitters: One exists, needs to be improved. Limited range. Waiting for ASCII contact. Try Gillo at GP also. Location for antennas still undecided (EA?) Status: One present, need at least two more (IMHO)

Advertising: Wait until the final moment, need to make flyers Status: Decided. Flyer not done.

DROP Integration

The DROP network needs to be integrated into Radio Leman, and properly configured. There must be contact with similar audio projects and try to integrate them within it. Bandwidth should be found. Apart from .mp3 streaming, we should add .ogg streaming. Contact: IMC-Audio, DROP people, ASCII. Tasks: Call for bandwidth in IMC At large. Status: Beginning


This is a list of individual stream sources. If you wish to become an stream source, please see below:

Source Name Location Time Zone Responsible
Lozan Downtown Lausanne UTC+2
Geneva Usine Geneva UTC+2 unknown
Lora Zurich UTC+2
Rabe? Bern UTC+2

Each source above will have to follow the schedule for the main IL Radio stream, but is free to do its own, independent programming outside of its alloted time.

Zurich, Radio Lora

Might do programming independently of IL Radio, for radio lora, but in Lausanne Downtown IMC


Tested system with dstream, live stream, and freestream Untested system with live dyne:bolic CD


The testing of the infrastucture, software and network will be done on May 28th. Since it leaves little time for debugging, it is important that sources use the suggested programs to avoid any incompatabilities.



Programming will start streaming from the 29th of May at 0500 UTC until the early morning of the 4th. This is subject to change.

For Charts see EvianRadioScheduleG8

Localized Streams

In addition to the global stream, some collectives have expressed an interest in producing a localized stream in the local language. Since many of these collectives will also be sources for the global stream, it should allow content to be more relevant to the situation.

Italian Localized Stream

Spanish Localized Stream

Established Radio Stations

Radio zone, Geneva area at 93.8 Mhz

Status: Confirmed, willing to retransmit 3-6 minutes every hour and one hour every evening.

Contact: add someone here.

Lora (Zurich)

Status: Confirmed. Not many details yet

Contact: add someone here.


Status Any collaboration is unlikely, but we can try contactign them. People within the station might be interested in helping individually.

Contact Adrian, . Soon, before Monday.

Couleur 3

Status Declared interest, much work needed on this

-- ChemaHernandez - 18 May 2003
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