Evian-G8 syndication project

Feed back : imc-g8-evian-tech@lists.indymedia.org


The goal of Evian-G8 syndication project is to create a multilinguage web page with RSS feed of informations about the next G8 in Evian. Informations will come from Indymedia local websites, from articles and features published in.

The multilinguage page will be hosted on the Indymedia swiss web site ( http://ch.indymedia.org ), maybee with an alias g8.indymedia.org).

How to?

If you want to participate to this project, ask techs of your IMC. They have to make a special category for the G8, then setting up a RSS feed with informations of this category. After that, send an e-mail to imc-g8-evian-tech@lists.indymedia.org.

If creating a category for G8 is too busing for your IMC, for exemple because there are already too much categories, it might be possible to make a manual RSS feed. In this case, e-mail please zapata@indymedia.org.

Who is participating

  • IMC switzerland
  • IMC germany
  • IMC nice
  • IMC paris
  • IMC lille
  • IMC nantes ?
  • IMC poland
  • IMC italy
  • IMC england (if they have time to swith to MIR before the G8)
  • IMC euskalherria


SPIP and the add-on Indy-SPIP is mostly used by french IMCs. For creating a RSS feed, you have to create a special category (called rubrique for SPIP) for the G8. For RSS feed, there is a special file already made called backend.php3. You have to modify backend.html. So, edit backend.html with a HTML editor. Find the line :

BOUCLE1(articles){tout}{par date}{inverse}{0,10}

and modify it like that where X is the category number (rubrique number for SPIP) for the special G8 category (rubrique) :

BOUCLE1(articles){id_rubrique=X}{par date}{inverse}

Save backend.html and send the url adress of backend.php3 to imc-g8-evian-tech@lists.indymedia.orgfor testing the RSS feed (if your site has an adress like http://www.mysite.com, url of backend.php3 will be http://www.mysite.com/backend.php3).

If you don't want to modify the original backend.html, your could save it under backend-imcname-g8.html for exemple, then edit it. In this case you have to save under backend-imcname-g8.php the file backend.php3. Then edit the file and change $fond = "backend"; into $fond = "backend-imcname-g8";

That's all smile

-- BakBak - 18 May 2003
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