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GENEVA03 is a temporary broadcasting studio during the g8-summit transmitting video and audio streams live from the cultural center l'usine in geneva from may 29 to june 3. The livecast will be streamed on the internet and picked up and redistributed by local and international broadcasters as well as projected in the streets and theatres of Geneva.

In order to cover the protests between Geneva, Lausanne and Anmasse in real time, media activists will work from the "everyone-is-an-expert" mobile studio van, which - with a self-adjusting bi-directional satellite dish - will provide a mobile internet connection and transmit live-footage from the roaming protests.

The GENEVA03 project is a joint effort of a growing number of video activists and independent filmmakers together with dozens of indymedia reporters, to organize and broadcast independent news coverage from the G8 events. We are currently programming a stream, that, besides the live coverage of the mass-protests, will include movies, concerts, talk-shows, vj sessions, subvertisements and other radically innovative formats.

The project is an exploration of new forms of collaboration in film and videomaking; a hybrid sending and receiving experiment crossing borders between media. In Geneva we will launch V2V, a peer-to-peer video-sharing network, which will work as both a content management and archiving system. Filmmakers, local and remote, can make contributions. They can upload their films, videos reports and roughly edited material onto more than a dozen servers, which will host the material in the P2P-networks. The V2V standard suggests a set of specifications for the encoding with half of the standard broadcast quality as a compromise between a modest upload-time and a tolerable resolution for screening, in order to facilitate the global exchange of images. At the occasion of the live stream from geneva the V2V virtual video filesharing network will be launched and beta-tested. But the project of an opensource video production and distribution network will be developed further on.

This is an open call to join in the production and distribution of the GENEVA03 broadcasts and the launch of the V2V network.

1. Take and rebroadcast the stream, or download broadcast quality video of your choice directly from the server, to rebroadcast in community screenings or on local TV, Radio broadcast, or to simply post the URL of the stream on other web-sites.

2. Upload your video and become part of the stream! Broad themes for content are:

- Freedom of movement and freedom of communication (Migration, Borders, technology, copyright/left?)

- Movement of movements (the view from the ground)

- Control, surveillance, war

We are looking for a range of formats, from documentary to comedy, from subvertisements to talk shows, vj sets to animation, and whatever you can imagine.
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