Indymedia Ireland Collective - Basic Rules

  1. The indymedia collective is the ultimate decision making body for indymedia Ireland.
  2. Membership of the collective is made up of all those who do a certain minimum amount of work for indymedia and who the collective accepts as a member. (merely contributing material to the newswire publicising one's own events or group is not considered indymedia work)
  3. All members of the collective have an equal say in decisions.
  4. The collective is the sole responsible body for setting mandates for working groups, for agreeing communications with the international network and for agreeing the aims and principles of indymedia ireland.
  5. The collective makes decisions at real-world meetings which should be held once a month and should have an agenda circulated in advance. Members who can not attend collective meetings can vote by proxy on any of the agenda items.
  6. Collective members are encouraged to join the IMSGI.
  7. The running of the web-site is mandated to the internet collective.

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-- ChekovFeeney - 23 May 2005 - first crack -- ChekovFeeney - 23 May 2005 - amended point 5 to allow for proxy-votes
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