Guidelines for Editors

The Indymedia Editorial Collective is responsible for moderating content on the newswire. There are three main facets to this responsibility

  • Feature Production Indymedia editors are responsible for creating and approving features in the central column of the front page.
  • Newswire Moderation Editors are responsible for removing forbidden content from the newswire and collating related stories together into a single thread.
  • Communicating with Users Editors are also responsible for responding to users of the site who are querying editorial decisions on the mailing lists. Such communications should be carried out in a courteous, even (and professional) manner.
  • Managing Indymedia Although this shouldn't necessarily be the job of the editors, in practice the editorial team often also carries out such tasks as replying to user queries and speaking on behalf of Indymedia Ireland. If we can come up with a better way of organising this, let's!

Deletion / Undeletion policy.

  1. If an editor deletes a comment or article, he/she should state under which policy it is being deleted.
  2. If an editor objects to a deletion, he/she should do so by stating his/her objection on the imc-ireland-editorial list. This instigates an editorial vote.
  3. All editors can express their opinion on the deletion as for or against. They can also change their vote at any stage in response to arguments raised in the debate. They can, of course, also submit arguments to support their case.
  4. If there are more votes for deletion than against the deletion remains, otherwise it is overturned.
  5. Voting is considered to have come to a conclusion when a period of 3 working hours (Mon-Sat 9-5) passes without any new votes, or when one side or the other has achieved an absolute majority. At this stage the decision as voted upon can be implemented by any editor. If there are new votes after this stage, or changed votes, the deletion/undeletion can be overturned once another 3 working-hour period has passed without any new votes.
  6. A story that is unhidden has it's time of posting adjusted so that it will appear on top of the newswire - all articles are created equal.

How To Be A Sysadmin Editor

As a sysadmin editor you have three main duties. One is to administer the editors and editor permissions. This basically means setting new up new editors and removing ones who are leaving their post.

As well as this it is your job to periodically purge from the database all items which have remained hidden and have not been reinstated. This can be done using the bulk delete tool.

You are also responsible for making periodic backups of the site, this includes both the database and the attachment files.

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