Content Editor
A individual may be given editorial privileges to enable them to use html formatting, create and contribute to features, add more and larger types of files. They don't usually moderate the newsire but they can do, they also partake in editorial discussion and responed to questions coming into from users on their area of knowledge.

Newswire Editor
An editor can moderate the list based on the editorial guidelines, typically resectioning posts, hiding duplicates and abusive posts, articles, contributing articles and facilitating features and discussing policy. They also deal with general enquires and site help. (Do newswire editors automatically get deletion privelige?)

Looks after and has rights for maintaining site and related activities, code, mailing lists. Audio/Video tech. Can and does do all other duties.

Has access to server and hosting. Deals with administration of site, code, hosting, tech. etc. Can and does do all four duties.

Process for coming an editor?

Nomination by an editor and no objections by all other active editors.
To do: Group editorial privelages based on these categories on editor profile creation page.

As of Dec 04 - Total Editors 12 - 4 Content editors, 7 Newswire editors, 5 Tech 3 Admin Editors (described in overlapping way of current active area).

**5) Editors: We need to encourage more editors. There are only 12 at the moment. +Currently there are 4 accounts that need to be deleted as their owners have +been inactive for many months. There are basically 4 types of editors which are: a) Technical -has rights for maintaining site and related activities b) Content -has publishing rights without filesize restrictions and HTML +permissions c) Admin -Site maintainer and operations, and granting accounts. d) Editor -has rights for publishing, hiding stories and comments and feature +promotion and HTML permissions

-- PaulCummins - 27 Dec 2004 by defining the type of editors im trying to address the issue(of reduction) of distinction between editor, user, reader etc,.
-- PaulCummins - 10 Jan 2005 actually four types **
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