How to get involved with the Indymedia Ireland website

Indymedia is run by a collective of volunteers. New people are always welcome. Follow the procedure below to join.

1. Go to the membership application form.

You should fill in the following information: * What motivates you to get involved. * What working group(s) you would like to get involved in. * Note that anonymity is allowed and protected by our privacy statement and the global points of unity 2 & 3. No member is required to publicly divulge their identity on the public lists. * Having submitted this form, you are now a candidate member

2. Join the required mailing lists. * In order to join the collective, you must sign up to our General Mailing List * You should also sign up to the relevent working group mailing list

3. Each working group has its own training and apprenticeship system. The working group will explain to the candidate member how they can contribute to the group's goals while serving their apprenticeship and will assist the candidate in acquiring whatever skills are required to partake in the group's work.

4. Once a candidate has fulfilled their apprenticeship, they can be proposed as a member on the general list and, if they are accepted by a collective decision, they become full members.

-- ChekovFeeney - 27 Sep 2006
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