Minutes of Indymedia Meeting Website Collective

This meeting took place on Oct 7th 2006 in the Teachers Club, Dublin

Meeting starts at 12:30 pm
Meeting ended at ~5 pm

Attendance: 13 People composed of 9 editors, 4 non editors
Note: After vote on section 3, one more editor arrived giving total of 14 people.

Chair: Barry F

Copies of the Standing orders and the Constitution were made available to everyone at the meeting.
This was in done in accordance with Point Four of the standing orders for the meeting explicitly stated that "4. It will be presumed that all attendees have read the motions in advance of each session - No time for reading them at the conference will be given."

The Chair did not have a vote and thus did not vote on anything.

Chair proposes to go through the draft constitution step by step.
Note: As agreed at previous meeting, all proposals had to be formally written into the main imc-ireland email list and required a sponsor at the meeting to propose it.

Sponsor and proposer of constitution gave overview of it (see IMCEireInternetConstitution )

Details from the meeting for each section follows:

1 Context of Constitution
Vote on section 1.: Vote carried. -passed. 9 For, 3 Abstentions.

2 Preamble
Vote on proposal of section 2.: Vote carried. -passed. 10 For, 1 Abstention.

3 Aims and Principles
Vote on section 3.: Vote carried. -passed. 11 For, 1 Abstention.

4 Basic Structure - Working Groups
Decision made to rename working group (e) from proletariat to techies
(Chair) Clarification: You can stay on the list (forever), but your vote rights die if not active after 2 months.

Vote results: 11 for vote. 1 abention. 1 extension -option on a block.

5 Membership and Rights
Amendement to 5.3 - says should be 'inactive without notice'
Chair: (5.7) Allocation of permissions to specific roles is done by the entire Internet collective and implemented by the techies. Done via the list.

Vote on section 5.: Vote carried. -passed. 12 For, 1 Abstention.

6 Procedure for Joining

Clarification asks about how long is apprenticship. Answer was this time period is defined by each group.

Vote on section 6: Vote carried. -passed. 12 For, 1 Abstention.

7 Separation of Duties / Rotation

Proposal to drop sec 7.1 was agreed
Vote on sub-section 7.2 Vote result: 6 in favour, 6 against.
2nd vote taken to avoid deadlock Vote result: 5 in favour, 7 against.

Vote on sub-section 7.3 Vote result: 11 Vote for, 2 abstention
Vote on sub-section 7.4 Vote result: 8 for vote. 1 against, 4 abstention
Vote on sub-section 7.5 Vote result: 2 for vote, 4 abstentions, 8 against -This sub-section not passed.

8 Mailing List Guidelines

Clarification: Principle is to accept we must have email guidelines before vote and these guidelines are in draft form. A vote was taken on whether or not we should have guidelines before deciding on the nature of those guidelines as it would be pointless to spend a couple of hours deciding on the kind of guidelines we would want if we were to have guidelines only to render that discussion a waste of time by then voting not to adopt any guidelines.

Prosposal to delete last sentence of 8.1:
Vote result: 8 against, 4 for amended. Motion not carried.

Now vote on all of 8.1 to 8.5: Vote: 11 for, 1 against., 1 abstentions

9 Leaving the Collective
After a discussion questioning the value of this section, the proposer agreed to withdraw it altogether.

10 Mandates, Instruction & Recalls
Vote on section 10: Vote carried. -passed. 10 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstention.

11 Decision Making
Proposal for 11.1 to remove last sentence: 'This decision making mechanism ......'
Removal agreed by sponsor and proposer
Proposal to change and says it needs at least 3 for the minimum. Agreed.

Voting on 11. (Amendments to above incorporated). Results: 10 For. 0 against, 3 abstain - Motion carried

12 Indymedia Network
Vote on sec 12. Results: 12 For, 0 against, 1 abstain.

13 The Transitional Programme.
Vote on sec 13. Results: 10 In favor, 2 abstain

Proposal -pending 13.2 passed and it was, (See IMCEireSept06MemberInvites )
Discussion and Vote on various people present to be New Members of Internet collective.

Member1: -to be full member of internet collective and newswire moderator list. Vote result: 13 votes for.
Member2: -to be member of reporters working group. Vote result: 12 votes for, 1 abstention.
Member3: -proposed as List Secretary: Vote result: 13 votes for.
Member4: -proposed as Reporter : Vote result: 13 votes for.

-- TerenceM - 10 Oct 2006

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