Indymedia Ireland Logos

The logo and logobox psd's attached below are multi-layered documents containing the logo and text in multiple background and foreground colours, and in Irish and English.

Just hide or reveal the appropriate layers when rendering jpegs or gifs from the document. If you don't have photoshop just download the sample zip files at the bottom which have all the possible combinations pre-rendered as jpegs (for high resolution versions you will need the psd file).

  • Site Banner:
    Site Banner

  • Some sample logos

indyirl-logobox-english-white-on-black.jpg indyirl-logobox-irish-white-on-black.jpg

indyirl-logobox-english-black-on-darkgreen.jpg indyirl-logobox-irish-black-on-darkgreen.jpg

indyirl-logobox-english-darkgreen-on-white.jpg indyirl-logobox-irish-darkgreen-on-white.jpg

  • iTunes Music Store Logo:
    iTunes Music Store Logo

  • Feed Logo:
    Feed Logo

-- VinnieC - 19 Jan 2006
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ituneslogo.psdpsd ituneslogo.psd manage 568 K 19 Jan 2006 - 08:12 UnknownUser iTunes Music Store Logo
indyirl-logo-jpegs.zipzip manage 557 K 07 Jan 2006 - 17:47 UnknownUser Jpegs of all colour combos of the logo
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banner.psdpsd banner.psd manage 446 K 07 Jan 2006 - 17:35 UnknownUser Website Banner
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feedlogo.psdpsd feedlogo.psd manage 328 K 19 Jan 2006 - 08:09 UnknownUser Feed Logo
triskelldot.psdpsd triskelldot.psd manage 120 K 07 Jan 2006 - 17:36 UnknownUser Triskell Dot on I in the logo
indyirl-logobox.psdpsd indyirl-logobox.psd manage 2 MB 07 Jan 2006 - 17:25 UnknownUser Indymedia Ireland Logo Box
indyirl-logobox-jpegs.zipzip manage 1 MB 07 Jan 2006 - 17:58 UnknownUser Jpegs of all colour and language combos of the logo box
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