As a news source, Indymedia can sometimes be challenging for new users and this guide seeks to explain some of the aspects you may find unusual. It is also worth reading the Editorial Guidelines and the FAQ for more detailed information. This document just covers a few points for new users in overview.

The first point should be to realise you are not a reader or consumer of this site - by reading and hopefully contributing to the news here you are a user of the site. Any stories that appear on the site have been submitted by site users just by going to the Publish page - you do not need permission or membership to publish your news here.

The second point is that Indymedia is, in many ways, self policing. Not only can you read stories here and publish your own but you and all users can comment on anything you read (use the Add Comments link beneath every story). While this means that you can challenge anything you read - it also means that anything you publish can, and probably will, be challenged. While editors try to keep discussion civil and on topic, they are volunteers and many will err on the side of caution: making Indymedia a robust place at times.

The final point is that volunteer users become involved beyond the website, mainly through the mailing lists where all discussion on editorial - including choosing the stories to highlight, setting the guidelines for what is allowed and discussing interpretation of these guidelines happens. If any part of Indymedia policy interests, concerns or annoys you - we would ask that it is taken to these lists first - since the newswire and the site is for telling the news - not discussing indymedia.

Anything on the site is open to discussion - volunteers are always need ed either as journalists, editors, techies or whatever you could do. But whether you restrict your involvement to the website or become more active, you are not 'audience' - you are a user.

Don't Hate the Media, Be the Media -- - demo static page

The Front Page. Scattered around this page you will see screenshots of the pages under discussion. The numbers on them refer to the points being made below.

1. This is the top navigation bar, and contains what are considered the most important links on the site.

2. This is the filter bar, use the dropdown menus to choose the topics and regions you are interested in finding out about specifically. This is one way of searching for the information you are looking for on the site. The \x91Topics\x92 drop down menu categorises articles into various issues, such as Anti-War, Workes Issues or Environment. The \x91Regions\x92 menu allows you to specify filtering into certain areas, all regions, international, national or county by county.

3. This is the main menu bar, and contains links to all aspects of the site.

4. This is a front page feature. Usually these are made of well made or ongoing news stories. Should an article of particular quality appear on the newswire, the editorial group may decide to upgrade it to a feature.

5. Users can publish their own attachments when publishing news on the site. You do this in the exact same way as publishing a photograph.

6. This is the search form, enter in some text here and anything related to it will be displayed on search page. You can also do an advanced search.

8. This part of the front page is the newswire, where all published articles get displayed.

How To Publish Your News.

9. Click on publish your news on the front of the site. As soon as you do that the news publishing page will open up.

a) Once you are on the publishing page you will have to go through a number of steps before you can add a story. Firstly specify if you want to add any media files (photographs, videos, mp3s, word documents, posters flyers etc.)

b) This is the first part of the publishing form that you have to fill out. A author name is the only required field in this section. If you wish to be contacted via the site enter in some basic details about yourself, such as an email address and the name of the organisation you are speaking for. Please note however that any contact details you provide are published openly along with your story for all to see.

c) Here you have to fill in aspects of story relevance such as the region and the topic it is relevant to. Please try and be as accurate as possible when doing this, as the site uses this information to automatically archive and organise the site for other users.

d) Here you have to enter in some essential details for any story, such as a title, a sub title, a brief summary and finally the story text itself. Given the erratic nature of a lot of computers, by typing your text in a text pad and then cut n paste it into the given fields.

e) Accepting the terms and conditions by placing a tick in the box is the second last step before

f) Finally clicking preview before publishing which allows you to view your story for corrections before deciding whether to edit it for mistakes or publishing it. A link will appear which will allow you to view your story.

Adding Comments.

As your browsing though the newswire and features, you have the option of adding your opinion below articles. This is known as a \x91peer review system\x92 whereby the content of the site is moderated in one way by the right of reply which extends to all users. The site does have an editorial policy, which users are asked to abide by. Yet the peer review system is valuable in terms of facilitating open and accurate debate and news. To add comments you simply click \x91add comments\x92 and pretty much follow the exact same steps as you use to publish news, when you are finished press \x91publish comments\x92.

Uploading Multi-media Files See IMCEirePhotoHelp

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