General intro... In reality mosty collating, moving items to the correct section the site, hiding crossposts and the like.

Hiding Items
As a newswire editor your main duty involves regularly reading the newswire for content which breaches the publishing guidelines, When you find an story, comment or attachment that needs action you can use the hide.gif hide link which appears beside all items. Clicking this will take you to a page asking you to confirm your decision to hide the item.

clip edit hide delete upgrade to feature stick

At this point you will also be prompted whether you wish to notify the editorial group of your decision to hide the item( this is defaulted on and most editos cannot click it off, and theres rarely reason to), and if so to give a brief reason for your decision. At this point you can confirm the operation and the item will be hidden and an automatic email sent to the editorial group. In nearly all cases you should send the notification, the exceptions being perhaps when someone has spammed the newswire with duplicate articles and you only really need to send a notification for one of the hide operations.

Once you have hidden an item it is your job to monitor the editorial mailing list to see if the editorial group has decided to reinstate the item or edit it. If so it is your job to carry out their wishes. If the article is not to be reinstated then your work is done as the sysadmin will look after deleting old hidden items from the system.

Moving Items
At times it may become necessary to move comments or attachments from one story to another, or upgrade interesting comments to stories in their own right, or downgrade similar stories to comments on the initial story on the issue.

To do any of this involves using the clipboard. As you navigate throughout the newswire you will notice that each item has a clip.gif clip link beside it. Clicking on this will add the item to the clipboard which is located at the bottom of certain pages. Depending upon what page you are on, the clipboard will have different functions available. Each function has a different icon and if you hold your mouse over the icon, a tooltip will popup telling you what it does.

When on a story page, any comments or attachments in your clipboard (not already part of the current story) will have links allowing you to move.gif move or copy.gif copy them to the current story. Similarly, any stories in your clipboard (which aren't the current story) will have links allowing you to downgrade.gif downgrade them to comments in the current story. At all times comments themselves will a have a link on the page, not the clipboard, allowing you to upgrade.gif upgrade them to stories. In editor mode you can also view each comment on a separate page, this is to allow you to move or copy attachments into a comment.

images,comments, and stories on the clipboard

When on a publishing page the clipboard allows you copy link and image html tags of the items on your clipboard into the item you're editing, although this function is more useful to feature editors.

Deleting Items

To comply with Indymedia's policy of transparency theres very few times when things will be need to be deleted, (in fact sometimes editors may refer to stories being deleted when the probably mean hidden). An editor may delete large attachments or they need to replace a picture or file.

Edits Recorded
Again newswire edits are recorded and detailed on the list. See IMCEireFollowingEditorial for further details.


Learning how to edit the site

Apart it being an important part of the transparency of the site, the newswire is useful in learning how to edit the site... If you subscribe to and keep an eye on the reasons for editing you will begin to learn waht you yourself should edit if you want to become an editor, you can of course discuss the pro's and cons of any hiding or raise them yourself (by forawrding the mail and query to the editorial list.) at anytime to discuss them.

-- PaulCummins - 30 Nov 2004 copied from text in editorial mode -- PaulCummins - 11 Jan 2005 Want to rewrite some of the language also add advice for new editors...

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