Some Miscellaneous Proposal for the Oct 7th Meeting (internet section)

  • Nu nu on dispute resolution:

Establish a procedure on internal discrimination accusations: when someone or the whole indymedia collective is repeadly or spreadly acused of any kind of discrimination some actions are required (to repair the damage to the discriminated individual or collective(or to the acused person) or to indymedia as well). Proposal: 1)talk to the parts to know what happened, what happens and all 2)talk about it in the assembly 3) if necessary(not always)public assemblies 4)take a decision about it 4) inform about the decision and its consequences (take into acount people's privacy).

  • Pat C on mediation

I propose that you approach SIPTU or ICTU to get a mediator

1) for the second meeting; 2) to help the Indymedia Collective to overcome its Institutional Sexism.

SIPTU and ICTU have staff who are skilled in the area of conflict resolution with particular emphasis regarding organisations whose structures are sexist or are perceived to be sexist.

  • Chris proposal

That the time between now and October the seventh be used by regular women contributors to think about putting themselves forward to form a discussion group on strategies for ameliorating the services for women on

That they put themselves forward (self-nominate) at the October 7th meeting to look at issues such as improving and updating categories, dealing with strategies for complaint, (negative trolling, abuse-this is experienced in small groups of women in cyber environments) and into the areas of education and outreach for women.

They would report back on strategies decided,to the Dublin collective. (at a date to be decided)

Resources:- A lot of regular contributors would be unaware of the womyn's site and the global co-operation going on in IMC at the moment, nor the development of the feminist outreach that is occuring throughout the network.

  • James R Proposal

Proposal: Link the wiki document ( to the documents side bar under the title 'users guide.'

Discussion: Obvious really, the feature done on this a while ago was great ( so it should be easy to find the info. I'd suggest eventually moving all the documentation over as static pages here.

-- ChekovFeeney - 05 Oct 2006
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