Cinema Screenings

Seedot Proposal: The Dulin Indymedia Collective organises a series of film screenings in a city centre location.

Discussion: The 3 screenings in the Connolly room were a very successful real world project - both in terms of format, location and audience. They should be repeated but with a group who will decide on material, promotion and volunteer on the evening - forming a film screening working group.


Seedot Proposal:

The Dublin Indymedia Collective takes part in the workshops that are currently planned by Dublin Community TV in order to seek distribution channels for independent media on community TV which will be broadcasting in Dublin, Navan, Cork and Belfast by next year. The collective will also formulate a policy of engagement in particular with regard to political gatekeeping of content and attitudes to funding.

Real World Space Proposals

Padraic Proposal: That Dublin indymedia set up three or four computers in Seomra Spraoi to be used for indymedia real world activities and by anyone else in seomra spraoi.

That they run Ubuntu (an open source Linux based operating system) and a range of audio, video, image and html editing programmes.

Discussion: I think the Dublin indymedia group will badly need a publiclly accessible space which people can use to create media and provide content for the and other websites. I have one computer for defo, think I can get my hands on two more. Ciaran said he'll help out with the techie stuff.

This was brought up at a Seomra Spraoi meeting tonight and got a generally welcoming reception. Before anything can be finalised someone from Dublin indymedia will need to go to a Seomra Spraoi meeting.

Nu Nu Proposal:

Find a space(seomra?) to do workshops, meetings etc...and have some computers permanently to be used to cover events, demos and do the indymedia workshops.

Outreach Proposal

Padraic Proposal: That the Dublin Indymedia group establish an outreach group.

That it produce material suitable to deliver a workshop to interested parties on indymedia in general, indymedia in Ireland and on how to upload stories and media to the website.

That it seek out groups who may be interested in taking part in such workshops and attempt to facilitate all requests for such workshops (within the temporal and spatial restrictions all members of the outreach group may operate in).

Cork Meeting Proposal

Miriam Proposal: To hold an editor supported open day/evening in Cork.

DISCUSSION: There have been a number of high profile issues from this area reported on Indymedia in recent months. But there is a need for greater awareness of Indymedia locally. I've also noticed a fear of this news medium among some activists. For these reasons and more besides, a widely promoted open day might well be beneificial both to Indymedia and to the local causes that badly need greater publicity and reporting.

I am suggesting an open day which people can look in on as suits them rather than a specific meeting time. Say, from 4pm - 9pm so people are not prevented from attending by work/study routines. Suggest two computers for demos of how the site works and would need probably two experienced editors to be on hand for tech advice and general background information.

I will advertise the open day as widely as possible - third level colleges, public notice boards, etc etc. We can advertise it on Indymedia too.

Hopefully enough interested people will come out of the woodwork for people in Cork to be able to take it from there - set up their own collective and run in tandem with the Dublin collective, organise their own meetings and generally spend some time getting up to speed on what is required. We would obviously need ongoing support for a while.

TIMEFRAME: To allow enough time to prepare for this meeting, suggest a date for late November/early December - so venue, equipment, publicity etc can be arranged and editors can book time. -- ChekovFeeney - 05 Oct 2006
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