For listing and detailing "static page" text, .php pages, on the webpage and suggesting updates needs continous update - add " line Please be aware that most lists are publicly archived, which means that anyone can read your mail online." add group contacts... is there a need for, as in UK Privacy

Email, if not encrypted, should be thought of as a postcard. Even postings to private lists that are not publicly archived can be read by the authorities. For internet privacy tools check Postings to publicly archived lists can be found through a search engine (like google) very easily. Try this google search to see how google indexes list archives.

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etc - IMCEirePublishPage - numerous updates suggested - need to add full IndymediaIrelandEditorialPolicy - linked off publish page - linked off publish page - list all imcs updated automatically
php Pages that can viewed by editors

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-- PaulCummins - 27 Dec 2004

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