Indymedia Ireland was set up in the months after the protests against the G8 in Genoa in 2001. A group of Irish people had travelled there specifically to work with Indymedia Italy/Genoa and returned to Ireland with a determination to kick off an Irish branch of Indymedia. A number of public meetings followed and in late 2001 the site went live.

Anyone want to continue this?

Dec 11 - first Post.


May 6th:Indymedia covers Garda riots - maor traffic spike

Code changed to Oscailt.


First IMC centre to cover Mayday EU Fortress Protests.

Intro of on global lists - detailed new imc application

EamonnEamonn - 19 Jan 2004
-- PaulCummins - 10 Jan 2005 writting timeline of significants events as a quick way to write history of Indymedia Ireland, please add your own.
-- PaulCummins - 17 Jan 2005 adding newimc and unity info

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