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To do


  • Add a second hard drive to walesa and set up software RAID-1 (mirroring) (done, var on /dev/md0)
  • fix donated alphaserver (powersupply problem -- busted capacitor?)
  • replace walesa with "db" (p2-450, 448MB) (done, carlsson now in service)
  • retire walesa & dega (done)
  • move servers to shelves (done)


  • setup backups for Ashanti and carlsson
  • better automated S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring
  • setup lm_sensors for hardware monitoring on staughton (and/or carlsson and/or ashanti)
  • eventually migrate staughton from linux 2.4 to linux 2.6
  • setup automatic bandwidth usage monitoring with notification
    • also can use tc for traffic shaping
  • move backups to backupninja or rdiff (currently using rsync)
  • bring various sites on staughton up to recent sf-active release
    • sites needing upgrade: las vegas, print
    • especially need antispam solutions for those sites
  • Improve MySQL performance on Walesa (DB server) (changing queries in sf-active can do this)
  • setup mp3 podcast (done, quick and dirty sf-active hack)
    • setup ogg podcast (more difficult due to stupid categorization) (actually, easy to do with some awk regexp action)
  • upgrade Staughton to Debian sarge (3.1) (stable release as of June 2005) (done, summer 2006)
  • mail on Howard: upgrade to exim4 or switch to postfix or replace howard
    • gradually migrating services off of howard seems to be the prudent action (in progress)
    • mailman lists migrated to sarai (thanks Jessi)
    • mail services to be handled by Greenbike
  • see also:

Hardware Wishlist

  • SDRAM modules (pc100/pc133 or ddr)
  • Hard Drives (PATA/SATA)
  • External Hard Drive enclosures (Firewire/USB)
  • KVM Switch
  • KVM-over-IP
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • remote controll powerstrip
  • cf/sd card readers
  • pro sound cards
  • 19" rack
  • most any server hardware

-- MattToups - 21 Nov 2004
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