US - IMC General Caucus

A chance to meet fellow US IMCistas and discuss the trajectory of the US IMC project. Also, general sharing of thoughts on the state of the IMC network in the U.S. Please visit the US IMC website at

First US Indymedia Meeting

This was the first mini-meeting for the US IMC which lasted for one hour on Saturday.


8 actively involved 11 on US list

6 at the Allied Media conference where this was dreamed up

26 total at the meeting

Status Update

Not pulling a majority of feeds from US sites. Disparity in what we receive (sometimes whole story, sometimes just link to article, sometimes an actual picture).

Identifying need to get all US sites on syndication feed.

Discussion of ways to indicate what feeds go to US site. Some sites have option of not allowing feature feed to go to US site. Disucussion of what stories are appropriate for US site. Opinion stated that no story is too small or regional. Opinion stated that this depends on what the focus of the site is, oriented toward IMCistas and activists or to the outside world.

Editorial Process

No process for how features are posted. Some propose features and some just put them up there.

New features can also be made in the admin.

About 10,000 page hits per week.

"Topic pages are not being created. It is an admin task that needs to be done. We need to decide how to do that."

"There should be topic editors who have expertise in that field."

At the meeting a list went around to sign people up on the admin list.

People are so busy with their own IMCs, not enough time to do other than promote their own stories.


"Need to have links from local IMCs to US site, through buttons, in the banner."


There are 50 IMC sites in US. We were posting on Global too often. Place to connect the dots around all of the US issues. Still trying to struggle with editorial process. There is an interest not only in internal communication but in promoting issues brought up by topics.

Process and Editorial list for discussion.

IRC an option for consensus.

Admin for editorial is not hammered out.

"Stay away from global process model". Faster posting model suggested, any IMCista could post without consensus. With MIR when you log in you can see who did what so accountability is there.

Is this a site for IMCistas and activists or for mainstream consumption?

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