Closing Session

Audio of workshop reportbacks and conference evaluation (I have the rest of the closing discussion recorded as well, but have not captured and encoded it yet - SteeV )

Conference evaluation

  • needs more involvement from outside united states
  • more tech stuff
    • should've had a BIG opening session to find out what people wanted: lots of people wanted stuff that wasn't quite so addressed in this conference
  • LOCATION - getting funding for solidarity
  • target audience - who is invited
  • childcare!
  • plan a 10 day conference!!
  • plan 2 years in advance
  • us or global?
    • this was a US conference
    • BUT - there were still lots of US-IMCs who didn't seem to make it
    • need to get in touch with those imcs and feedback to them.
  • big thanks again - for all the free food and beer!
  • regional conferences!
    • NorthEast regional conference this summer - imc-nena

what about taking stuff home?
  • some groups tried to make action points that were gonna have a real effect, rather than conversation just ending...
  • need to get stuff on the wiki - need to have a record of what we've done

Workshop feedback

see main wiki collections! - i couldn't keep up with this bit!

lots of discussion, though....

    • topic imc?
    • invitation to all women to join the list
    • notes and audio will be available to all
    • discussion on gender imbalances, experiences in meetings, how women confronted these experiences, anti-sexism, lots of societal conditioning that affects us all.
    • frustrating that session was cancelled but no information given out. there was a really constructive alternate session:
      • women are often a minority in their collective, important to provide space for them.
      • promotion of using stuff like the wiki and listservs to share information

  • non-geek web-publishing didn't happen
  • improving journalism skills - this was a constructive workshop

  • how-to radio
    • prometheus!
    • pirate radio
      • low cost transmitters

  • how-to radio
    • provided a cd with examples
    • discussion on how to construct a radio
    • hands-on skill sharing - how to use a mini-disc,
    • portland imc don't take out 'ums' and 'ahs' from their stuff!
    • use ogg-vorbis, get away from mp3
    • newer version of audacity - multi-track open-source editing program

  • print caucus
    • 6 papers represented
    • discussed issues like
      • funding
      • process
      • future co-ordination;
        • make a weekly pdf that could be printed and distributed
        • re-activating and having content from all the newspapers up there
      • guidelines on 'how to start an indy-paper'

  • imc-video discussion
    • check out the wiki page!
    • online session - bittorrent, encoding and distribution methods.
    • be great if stuff was a lot more accessible online!
    • ImcATXConf05VideoDiscussion

  • Geographies
    • various stuff discussed! - have we plateaued as a network?
    • need to increase communication!
      • increase awareness about global resources and lists, e.g. irc,
        • regular summaries to go on imc-communication - BlackBeard to start this - volunteers required!!!
      • use of liaisons to increase communication flows
      • consider who's gonna be reading emails,
      • trust

  • IMC and underserved communities
    • bunch of exercises looking at external ideas of repression

  • Setting up an IMC at mass mobilisations
    • all on the wiki!

  • Race and gender in IMC
    • building solidarity around these issues
    • whole load of stuff that wasn't able to be printed but can be emailed to people

  • academia
    • cautionary tales of what happens
    • to be set up
    • discussion about the tensions between academics and imcista's
      • collection of information
    • transcript to be available
    • aside: the ImcUk has done a lot of work on the wiki about interaction with academia and academics:

  • working group

Collective health

  • discussion about individual and collective health - i.e. the health of indymedia (local)collectives and how we deal with difficulties and repression
    • need for redundancy - one person should not be essential
      • need to share knowledge - what happens when that person leaves?
    • this is also related to gender imbalance
    • solutions?
      • regular skill shares
      • mandatory vacations for people - by default they're not able to do everything
      • regular meetings in collectives about caring for each other - lots of collectives actually do do this

    • "if it all falls apart when we leave, it should all fall apart - don't be afraid to pass on the torch"
    • many people need a break! have busy lives....
    • having non-meetings - e.g. imc-drunks in san francisco go out bar-hopping

  • discussion about personal relationships and conflict in imc (sorry - i missed most of this bit!)
    • silence is screaming out "help me" - we need to hear the voice that is silent.
    • should note where our starting point is as well - what society is like, who we are, where we come from in society

  • "we are at war - we are supposed to be bringing down empire and neighbourhoods" - it's great that we're discussing this but we also need to focus on the lifestyle we're living in (in the USA)
  • Indymedia has saved people's lives - it has helped by getting information out there.


-- GarconDuMonde - 20 Feb 2005
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