The Geography Hurdle: Organizing state and national IMCs General Discussion

Discussion dealing with problems and solutions associated with organizing state and country wide IMCs. Develop strategies to deal with geographical problems more effectively.

  • [introductions first! a go around to figure out what people wanna discuss, what peoples interests are... i hope it's mostly included below!]


how are we communicating at the moment?

  • irc - quick explanation of what it is! - see
    • problems of learning about such methods of communication - how do people get introduced to this?

  • email lists
    • previously people did summaries of big things, eg. tech summary, process summary. these were then posted to imc-summaries list
      • this is a model used by debian
      • standard was actually set by the techies!
      • needs commitment! - needs people to undertake to actually do these things.
      • maybe people here could take this on?
    • need for liaisons from local imcs - this is actually a requirement. need to have liaisons on:
      • process
      • communication
      • finance
    • what is the benefit of being on these lists? there [appears to be/is] little/no benefit other than solidarity...
    • benefits
      • imc-legal - what the fbi are up to!
      • imc-process makes decisions on behalf of the network
      • imc-tech - find out about hacks on your server before they happen
  • website
  • conversation! e.g. telephone or face-to-face
    • many of us got info from people who are travelling

different levels of communication:

  • local
  • regional
  • global

different ways of communicating that we're not really using at the moment

  • regional meetings * but we are doing this! -
      • uk-imc example of meeting people and supporting new, regional kollectives
      • ImcOceaniaConf2004 as a good example of something that facilitated a whole load more work from people and was really constructive - oceania newsreel 2 produced pretty quickly afterwards and a third already in the making!

  • - outdated info predominantly. difficult to get information about the contact database - few people know about it, there is no documentation, no-one knows what it does...

Empowerment and facilitation

* indymedia is about empowering people to do stuff themselves, not doing it for them. * resources need to be advertised more * need to put a link on every page? * but - many people already involved don't actually know about all this stuff!

  • need to communicate!!

consensus v. autonomy?? -

  • how do we achieve this on a network level? questions of making decisions, eg. financial, eg brisbane/disaffiliation
  • notions of authority (through respect) - against imc PrinciplesOfUnity but inherent
  • power of language - english/spanish
  • regional decisions: should respect local areas?

  • need to engage people in discussion - but not everything needs to be discussed by everybody all the time.

  • a fundamental question. challenges. we've been struggling with this for a while?
  • participation?? - lists not functioning well
    • people

have we elevated consensus to a level that is too high? what does consensus mean?

  • collective intelligence? * thinking about diversity, inclusiveness, involving other people....

  • consensus decision making online has always been really difficult.
  • should look at other groups and how they work:
    • italian group example
    • debian
  • the issue of trust cannot be underrated. reliance on a trusted network: how do we create more trust in our virtual connections

  • discussions about having space
questions about efficacy of various


an indymedia space?

some places have spaces that work really well, some don't....

problems of meeting new people, especially if reliant on meeting in people's homes or restaurants or bars


  • not discussed at all in the first part of the session!
  • flyers - probably don't work well - need to be really blatant, need to be reinforced.
  • writing responses to people personally is very effective

example of ImcUk outreach resources [from ImcUk]:

Network Growth and Regionalisation

hehehe - i'm from ImcUk - hence the spelling!

  • bioregions * eg. cascadia region links portland, rogueimc
  • sub-networks
    • e.g. uk, brasil, italy
    • Note: 156 different imcs on the cities list at the moment (from!
      BUT - UK is 12, Italy is approx 15 and so is Brasil (approx 15)

      *THUS - we have closer to 200 imcs!!*

bioregions may also affect countries individually - e.g. would potentially divide up brasil or italy into smaller areas and thus create divisions in local communities

Summaries and Action Points:

  • people should write summaries of lists - BlackBeard has volunteered to co-ordinate this - please contact him!

-- AaronCouch - 15 Feb 2005
-- GarconDuMonde - 19 Feb 2005 - notes!
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