note: have a pre-convergence convergence!! great to really solidify networking and coordination, figure out strengthes and weaknesses.

  • website
    • ramp up the coverage and input streams \x96 get content up there a.s.a.p.
    • non-local collation of content streams and presentation \x96 people out of \x93the frey\x94 who can compile information with a level head
    • be prepared to deal with massive increase in traffic, trolls and hackers
  • tech / network
    • arrive at space days in advance for network / computer setup - test and troubleshoot
    • setup wireless
    • setup voicemail
    • obtain and setup piles of power strips
    • setup audio studio, and all group work areas [video, print, photo, editors, etc...]
  • space
    • have people awake at space around the clock in shifts to provide early warning of raids, vandalism or problems
    • coordinate volunteers
    • obtain furniture for space, including tables for laptops
    • obtain supplies: toilet paper, trash bags, duct tape, COFFEE, (water) etc.
    • post guidelines on space usage (no illegal substances, need badge to enter, etc)
    • clearly post contact information for all imcistas and other key contacts
  • outreach
    • getting schools to visit for photo-ops, community support/publicity
    • keep lines of communication open with established local "allies"

  • gotchas
    • single internet connection
    • not enough phone lines
    • no ability to take in media from non-imc people, e.g. digital photo workstatsions, or video dubbing ability
    • backup physical space \x96 redundancy of everything
    • if you setup a pirate radio station, don't do it at the convergence or sleeping space!
    • within space, clearly define rules and guidelines, ex: no illegal substances or activity. don't give authorities any reason to shut you down
    • avoid spending too much energy on security culture and \x93infiltrators\x94, etc...accept that they exist and move on

-- NadaCascadia - 19 Feb 2005
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