Video Discussion on Saturday

notes by Steev feel free to edit and add to this.

offline dist.

house parties, screenings screening tours

database of venues and libraries Big Noise and Rooftop films want to compile and do big tours of videos

"book your own fucking life" for video tours

Global video list exists at

Idea: every local group pays an annual fee to be in a network
  • people send dubs to a central place
  • tapes are databased, stored, and dubbed upon request
  • David Rice has been archiving Democracy Now tapes

Talk to your local libraries for archiving!

online dist.

  • Jesse gave a presentation about BitTorrent and online distro.
  • jesse is putting stuff on the docs wiki about the technical stuff of video encoding (link to this)
  • maybe we can do a little demonstration at a cafe sunday...
  • - portland video collective

try it and tell people if there's a problem. for optimal speed with bittorrent, you need to be able to configure your firewall.

concerns were expressed for the importance of reaching out to others to train on these issues.

  • IVDN is a ways away.
  • IRC was mentioned as a way to get in touch with imc people:


  • portland IMC budget: $150-$300

  • patricia mentioned using public access facilities
  • a lot of times you can show already-produced stuff on public access.

  • make a regular video screening at a regular place each month or whatever
  • a lot of bars could show visual stuff
  • distribute your videos to radio stations (esp pacifica stations
  • often doing a screening by donation nets more money than charging at the door

Grants: there are LOTS of grants out there for producing videos - Association of Independent Video and Film - lists of grants (?) NLG and ACLU

Develop a clear and powerful proposal to hand to individuals to get donations.

doc techniques and interaction & aesthetic & style & content

sources of info:
  • google it!
  • CMC's "Guerilla Video Primer" video
  • also has a video primer video
  • Videoactivist Handbook
  • "Making the News" (book)
  • Directing the Documentary, by Michael Rabiger

think about making less-polished stuff to show to viewers that anyone can do it. reinforce the Indymedia message.

be aware that footage you sell to corporate media may be distorted. also there are often companies that sell corporate protest footage to law enforcement.

there was more Fuck the Corporate Media discussion which I won't try to repeat here.

sometimes you can stipulate to corp media that you must approve what they do with your footage.

Two stories from Anna:
  • instead of blocking camera, people stood behind the anchor, making a parody
  • group of immigrants in NYC went to the immigration building to do a protest to get media attention. Anna sent b-roll to corporate media and that got them to cover the issue.

Interface fully with the groups you are representing - or TEACH THEM how to do it themselves!!! make sure the people who you interviewed get a copy

A cam technique: squat to get out of the eyeline of the police when you're shooting in a risky situation.

suggestion: don't screem at police. or do.

be polite to who you're shooting.

questions of audience: in-group and out-group, who are you doing it for? anna tells story about the merging Democracy Now is in a firehouse where there's also in the same building - Downtown Community Television a kid there documented a shooting by the police and was invovled in the community. Then he submitted the film to Sundance and it was accepted.

Preaching to the Converted

how do you not?
  • talk to regular people in normal situations
  • to reach more people you need more professional stuff rather than raw DIY look
  • Point of View and ITTV and FSTV are middle grounds between these poles.

  • go into community centers and show stuff as a community forum.
  • outreach


  • list of public access shows
  • NYC
  • Atlanta
  • SF
  • Portland
  • Albuquerque
  • Missoula?

-- SteeV - 20 Feb 2005
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