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Indymedia Questionnaire

In preparation for the upcoming Indy Conference, this questionnaire seeks to determine the state of the network, and identify the common problems shared by local Indymedias. Please allow as much input from all members as possible. We would like to share this information with the greater IMC community; perhaps posting the answers on a wiki site \\x94? Also, the information gathered will be used to develop a series of workshops at Indyconference: (

Answer any and all questions you feel comfortable with. Our intention is to collect anonymous information to determine general strengths and weaknesses of collectives to better the network as a whole.

It is impossible to determine precise answers for most of these questions. Please discuss among other members and give an average number for quantities or the overall group sentiment for qualitative questions using \x93very\x94, \x93not very\x94, or \x93somewhat\x94. For all questions, especially open-ended questions, please provide as much information as you deem valuable.


Collective's website address:

Contact info:

When was the collective originally organized?

What issues or problems arose during the application process?
(i.e., major stumbling blocks, setbacks, hold-ups, etc.)

Do you have an office space?

  • Do you pay rent?

  • How much?

Do you have an office phone line?

What are the main activities that occur in the office space?

How often are meetings held?

How (in)formal is the decision-making process?

Do you use consensus methods?

  • Other?

Are minutes posted publicly?

Are there currently working groups for:

  • Radio

  • Video

  • Photo

  • Print

  • Tech

  • Editorial

  • Other

Plans for forming these groups in the future?

Do working groups have separate meetings?

Does the IMC have collective equipment?

Do non-imc members have access to this equipment?

About how much % of the overall content of the website concerns local issues?

About how many features are published in a week?

> 2 / 1-2 / < 1

How strict is the enforcement of the editorial policy?

How many members actively monitor the newswire?


How frequent are tech problems?

What kinds occur?

(i.e. server crash, code flaw, hacking, spamming, etc\x85)


How many individuals actively and regularly participate in the IMC?

On average, how many individuals attend meetings regularly?

How many people contribute articles or other media on a regular basis?

How many active techies are involved?

Is diversity of members an issue that you feel needs to be addressed?

How many active members are: (% and/or numbers)

  • Women -
  • People of color -
  • People above 40 years-old -
  • People with college degrees -
  • Poor people -

Does your IMC provide any of the following to under-served communities in your city:

(please be specific.)

  • Basic Support
  • Trainings and Skillshares
  • Internet Access
  • Video Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Office Space
  • Printing
  • Other

A lot of IMC's have traditionally published stories relating to issues in under-served communities in their cities. Many IMC's have however not given those communities access to media technology resources available to the IMC. (some have)

Has your IMC engaged in activities, which contribute to the self empowerment of under-served communities in your city?

  • If yes, how?

How serious a problem is member retention?

What are common reasons for members leaving?

  • Group conflict
  • Burnout
  • Infiltration
  • Repeated policy infractions
  • Other

Are members asked to pay fees?

How many members work in media, computer technology, or activism as a profession outside of Indymedia?

Does the collective have any particularly close relationships with other distinct organizations?

What kind?

(i.e. social justice, media, environmental groups)


What are the public perceptions of your IMC?

Do you monitor traffic on the site? (i.e., hits, visits, etc.)

If not, why?

How much positive vs. negative feedback do you receive?

What are some common misconceptions or confusions from the community about Indymedia that you have experienced?

Is \x93credibility\x94 an important issue or concern for your IMC?

What actions or policies exist that address this concern?


Is your organizational structure modeled after any other IMC?

Is the website layout modeled after another IMC?

How pressing is the translation of articles to other languages for your local community?

What methods have you used to achieve this?

What have been your most effective methods for:

  • Recruitment/public relations
  • Meetings/organizing/communication
  • Fundraising
  • Skill sharing
  • What are your primary fund-raising activities?
  • Benefit parties
  • Paypal
  • Grants
  • Donors
  • Other

What are your primary strategies for outreach?

  • Fliers
  • Meetings
  • Screenings
  • Parties
  • Other

Do you utilize IMC list-serves?

Which ones?

How useful are they?

Problems or suggestions for the lists?


What do you consider your IMC\x92s biggest problems:

  • Trolls
  • Spamming
  • Hacking
  • Lack of local content
  • Lack of diversity of content (single issue oriented)
  • Lack of readers
  • Other

What are the areas that most need improvement?

  • Training \x96 journalism/media/tech skills
  • Organizational improvement
  • # of volunteers
  • $
  • Lack of equipment
  • Other

Has the IMC ever been seriously neglected, or come close to disbanding?

Organizational Dynamics

What is your IMC\x92s position on NGO incorporation?

Has your IMC experienced a conflict between the goals of participatory media and the desire for professionalism and credibility?

Have (un)official hierarchies within the group been issues in the past?

How were these issues dealt with?

What are some ideas that you think would improve your collective and/or the network?

What has your IMC done that\x92s different from other IMCs?


We want to continue this dialogue, updating it where appropriate.

What questions would you add to this list?

What important network issues did we leave out?

Please register to attend the Indyconference this February 18-20 in Austin, TX.

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Please let us know if some of this information in to be withheld from the interactive Wiki

Contact:, or

Look for an online version for this questionnaire at the conference website.

Thank You



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