Imc Asia-Pacific Meeting 2

Asia-Pacific Meetings are held in #asia on


Sunday 6th March - [ 12.30pm New Delhi | 1.30 Rangoon| 2.00pm Jakarta/Bangkok | 3.00pm Singapore/Perth/Manila/Taipei | 4.00pm Seoul/Pyongyang/Tokyo | 4.30pm Adelaide/Darwin | 5.00pm Sydney/Melbourne | 7.00pm Aotearoa | 7.00am UTC/GMT | Other local times ]


  • language bundles: download, translate and then contact the mir-coders, www-features and www-tech email lists to have the translations included.
  • translation project
  • email list
  • hardware - needs/offers /Scoop Appeal
  • features
  • network talk - visions for Imc Asia-Pacific
  • WTO - hong kong


  • gdm (helping with burma tech) - sorry can't make it


Imc\x92s agreed to change translate the language bundle text download, translate and then contact the mir-coders

This will enable to be seen in asian languages.

Asian features We will aim to get more asian features on the Global Indymedia Site

Each collective will aim to propose atleast one feature each month to

In local Asian language and English/Spanish. (as www-features requires either English or Spanish for each feature proposal)

Each Imc will aim to have one member of their collective as an active participant in the www-features group. www-features list

Features can be proposed without list membership. [[][How To]

-translations more asian language translations on global features walden: cantonese h0mee: hindi dhalbreath: will find Korean translators anivar: malayalam, and will find hindi translators Haris: bahasa

Translation Project Site
translation list

Proposal: to produce a weekly email announcement list of features fom the asia-pacific

an annouce list that autonomatically collates all the features from the rss (really simple syndication) feeds of the asia-pacific sites

and sends them out each week/or at a regular interval to be determined

aim to have an site for features syndication.. like as a base for the asia-pacific solidarity project, with donate/wiki/activism/solidarity links

-start searching for interest to offer technical help for rss.. and eventually a site

first step? To create an aggregated rss of all the features from asia-pacific in their original lanaguages For sites to pick up.

rss help: axxs, h0mee, anivar

rss to the global newswire? WwwSyndication

WTO QC is interested in covering Hongkong dissent sites/collectives to be contacted to participate in Indymedia coverage.

Unofficial HongKong Imc

Suggestion that surrounding Imc\x92s co-ordinate to cover the event.

Possible project to help Imc activists to attend WTO.. contacts Grants from Global South fund? Or send money to people in Hongkong to help their coverage.

Email to be written to imc-communication and www-features to organise WTO coverage.

Aubrey and Imc-QC to draft and email to be sent Imc-Asia-Pacific.. To explain the Indymedia project, and invite Hongkong dissent groups to cover WTO on behalf of imc-Asia-Pacific, using and surrounding Indymedia sites. Wowi is happy to assist.

Asia-Pacific List: Anivar suggests a change to member viewable archives for security issures to do with Imc Burma. Imc-Burma to be asked for comment.

Fundraising for hardware/funding: ?? Imc-Jakarta needs a digital camera and computers/laptops Imc-Burma needs a computer/laptop



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