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step 1: log in http://www.austin.indymedia.org/admin

in the left hand bar select EditorAdministration then Feature

at the bottom of the features list click Add a new feature

fill out the form

i use the preview feature a lot. it automotically sends you to a preview page after you click submit, you can either publish or reedit. i usually reedit for a few reasons....

so heres the basics of adding some glam to the feature, its very important that the feature page looks good. ive seen some of the crap images you all have put up there. its time to fix all that. there is an open source photoshop called GIMP, download it, or we have photoshop somewhere at the space.

the standard size for an image is 288*216 pixels. you shouldnt put up stuff much larger or smaller than this, cuz it will look like shit.

aight, how to get the image up there. so once you have resized it and saved the image, go to the upload media feilds on the bottom of the feature pub form. so, add that in and hit submit feature. the image should show up. right click it and go to properties. there will be an address. copy the address, you'll need it. then re edit feature to add the image to the front page of the site: at the very begining of the feature story add this code a title for the pic

you have to have the http in the address, and the image has to be from our site, not another website.

if the article is long and you dont want the image to appear twice, on the feature pub form the feild under text format, select i will use place holders.

okay, so for more html stuff...

a link name of link

bold type words in bold

important: if you are cutting and pasting links from word, you need to retype the"" marks when you are using the pub form. for some reason it wont work with their "" marks.

thats basically it for the html stuff i believe

and now for the promoting a news wire article to be featured: if you logged in already you should have options on articles to edit and article options, select article options to promote. (note: if an article is on the local wire and doesnt belong, slect edit article, uncheck the local interest block, and resubmit.) under article options the first choice is to make it a feature click it. then go back and edit it, cuz only the summary will be on the front page and if it has one, a tiny image. so, you have to cut and paste more info from the body into the summary feild, which is the part that shows up on the front page.

the tiny image should be noted directly above the add media feilds. it says the file name above, you need to mark delete and upload the resized image and follow the steps mentioned above (find the address and write in the code)

other site admin stuff: to change number of visible newswire posts when you log into admin page the IMC prefs come up first, click rating and scroll down. you can change the number of local and global articles up at once. i think it is a good idea to change the number of locals, because sometimes theres a lot, sometimes theres none.

hiding posts. click on the article, then edit article, at the bottom click delete this article choose hide or purge (completely erase) good for duplicates, ads and racists.

watch out for the kooks, they add their emails in and the site notifies the writer when we hide or erase, i think earzing the email from the form and resubmiting before hidding works to avoid this problem.

note: if you are logged in and hide an article say from the local wire, it will still show up with green letters at the top saying article deleted and why. if you log out it wont still be there, its only there for editors.

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