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Technical Development

Story Submission Process/Workflow

  • Every story submitted goes to the 'raw' newswire until moderated, except those submitted by 'trusted' users.
    • Do using modr8 flag (adds flag to publishing options, automatically removes unmoderated from all lists etc)
    • Raw wire must be direct sql query to avoid modr8 removal. (DONE in block: add link to 'more' and create page view)
    • For 'trusted' users see:
  • Promoted articles are simply a list of all articles, since modr8 removes those not moderated (i.e. no longer need 'promoted articles' in 'wire promotion' category). To 'promote' something one must simply uncheck the 'in moderation queue' flag in publishing options.
  • Features: feature to the front page could simply be those with the 'front page' flag checked in publishing options.
  • 'Local' features (see Local Windows below) would need some extra information. Could be either (i) extra 'wire promotion/local features' category or (ii) put the extra categories directly in geography, i.e. have 'NSW features' under 'NSW' and don't even hide it from users (would do nothing if 'front page' flag is not checked). hmmm?
  • 'Local' newswires are just all articles from the geography and its sub categories, i.e. NSW newswire is all articles published with geography: NSW, Sydney, etc.

Local Windows

Implemented using views and either 'wire promotion/local features' or geography category. Issues:
  • a story in the local window shows the global blocks
  • modr8 takes care of:
    • removing stories that are not moderated from default category teaser pages
    • removing stories that are not moderated from listings and search results

Tagging and Categories

  • Tagging - free tags or not, geography, article types, topics
  • Geography is now fixed and hierarchical. do sub items appear in parent view? do we have one for aus, on for international, and a free text section? just list states/capitals and then add other towns if we get the content? maybe uses checkboxes:

Media handling

  • node types or file attachments?

URL Design

  • Pathauto - URL design. Levin prefers format YYYY/MM/DD/nodeID (which is also easy with pathauto).

Full Node Syndication

This depends on the module feedapi - We want full node support. Images. Press relases. File attachments. Events.Categories. User names. ekes says he's done lots of work on this.

Drupal Modules

The more functionality we can implement with stable, mainstream modules the better. That will ensure upradability/maintainability into the future.

Has drupal 6 version

Drupal 5 only

-- CamG - 04 May 2008 - initial page

-- CamG - 10 May 2008 - added drupal module list

-- LeVin - 12 May 2008 - added comments from IRC discussion

-- LeVin - 19 May 2008 - worked on workflow

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