Please add here the bugs and technical issues you discover on the syndication site

- is it possible to find a technical solution that automatically transforms relative links into absolute links? or warn everybody not to use relative links wink

- Mozilla Firebird 0.7 & Mozilla 1.0.0 : newswire overlaps with links of the header (see print screen below)

- in some features, spaces disappear between some words. For instance: "il y a eu une action contre la politiquer\xE9pressive \xE0 l'encontre des ch\xF4meurs et pour desemplois de qualit\xE9". The text is normal (i.e. with spaces) on .wvl.

- probably related to the previous: a broken link on the syndication site while the link is ok in the original feature on .wvl see , link [Les enjeux> ] below the 1st \xA7

- i changed the title of a feature in fr on wvl (Manifestations contre la directive Bolkestein et le d\xE9mant\xE8lement de la s\xE9curit\xE9 sociale) because it looks too long amongst the "features op andere pagina's:". The title is updated in the feature, but not in the "features op andere pagina's:" section on .wvl, and not on the syndication site. Is a regeneration necessary? Also, on the syndication site, this slight change seems to have put the feature back on top of the featurewire.

  • off course they're on top. the date is from the latest change :-).

- if i'm not mistaken, there's no way currently to browse through the old features that appeared e.g. a few weeks ago on the syndication site. will this be possible in the future?

  • through the search.

-- DuendeBxl - 21 Mar 2004
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