21/03/04 First irc meeting (resume by Joeri)

Ppl from imc's liege, brussels, ovl and wvl attended the meeting.

While trying to make this summary clearer, i changed the order of some points.

0. General remarks

- nothing was decided.
- people at the meeting suggested to discuss points of the meeting in the local collectives.
- several people at the meeting noted that the meeting went too slowly.

1. What do ppl expect about the syndicationsite?

An attractive portal with content of the local sites. Definately syndicating content from the local sites. About further ideas, there wasn't really concensus. Some people feel the need to get the process of the syndicationsite defined better, to create some agreements,... . There was a proposal to do a special meeting on this topic.

2. The current testsite (the testsite is at http://besyn.buffaloimc.org/ )

2a how it works
the script fetches the wires, cleans them up, adds items to dbase, creates a newswire & creates a new combined rss-feed. This all goes automatically (if this is not clear, ask more info to pseudopunk).

2b Conceptproposal
"the syndication site should be a zerotime solution (meaning zero-time after it's build of course)(a syndication site just grabs that content & presents it); just a portal & outreach tool; we can just take on problems when they raise".

2c Some remarks
There was stressed on the importance to avoid double postings on the syndicationsite. And also to create a space (mailinglist?) where problems can get solved.

3. Tech

3a What still has to happen on the tech part?
there needs a search to be written & some bugfixing to be done; this could be solved within a few weeks. The coding happens in php/mysql; who wants can help out with that bugreporting would be welcome; bugs can be reported on a wikipage that'll be created by Duende.

3b What do people think about the testsite, and what technical things have to be implemented.
One person said he doesn't like the background of the testsite Several people would like to get the feature pics syndicated; pseudopunk didn't find a way to get pictures into the feeds. There seemed to be concensus about a page with links to local publish forms (a publishform with possibility to chose on which local site one wants to publish would be very difficult to make).

4. Process of the syndicationsite

4a Process within the global network
There are not much precedents of this kinda syndication sites, so there is no process foreseen for it within the global indymedianetwork. This syndicationsite won't have much to do with new imc, but going through the new imc process would, of course, be possible. Some persons at the meeting want to go trough the new imc process, other people spoke out being in favor of doing a concrete proposal to imc-process instead. Some people stressed the importance not to make it more difficult than necessary to set up the syndicationsite.

4b Process about the syndicationsite
A few people stressed the importance to define a mission statement, general agreements, how a collective can be integrated into the syndicationsite,... . A counterproposal on this was to write an agreement on what the syndication site should do. Again, people stressed not to make it more difficult than necessary.

4c Mail about the url to .be
Imc-bxl asked for delaying the deadline about the mail we'd send to .be about the url. Imc-bxl will work out a new version of that mail by sunday (the 28th).

5. Content on the syndicationsite

5a Agenda: Several people proposed to make the agenda better: classification of the actions by day and with shorter summaries of the actions.

5b Features: currently all features on the belgian imc-sites get syndicated; going on like this? or do we make changes on this? (eg. trying to keep only one feature per topic); avoiding double posts of features on the syndicationsite was asked.

5c Translations
There is need for more translations of content.


The log of the meeting is accessible from here
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