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Boston Indymedia

Welcome Boston IMC volunteers to our Wiki page. If you're new to a Wiki and how it works, please check out the WelcomeGuest section. To create an account, please click "Register" on the left, and to edit this page, click "Edit" in the upper or lower left hand corner of the page. We ask that if you create new sections specific to the Boston IMC, please name them with the 'Boston' preface (e.g., BostonHistory, BostonEditorialPolicy), as below. Also, if you make edits to any section, please place your signature and a brief mention of the changes you made at the bottom so as not to overwrite anyone's work. Thanks!

Boston Underground

To collect files for the local print project, a collaborative between the Boston Underground and Boston Indymedia:


Tech Group - Drupal Dev Project

Boston IMC is moving from our current codebase, dadaIMC, to Drupal. This section was created to keep other Boston IMC volunteers abreast of recent developments as the local tech team works on a dev site, and to act as a reference for other IMCs who are/may be considering the same move.

BostonNovMeetingNotes - recaps work done and needed since Nov 16, 2007

BostonDrupalModules - This is the complete list of add-on modules Boston is utilizing on the Drupal codebase.

BostonDrupalMigration - notes on how to get there from here

BostonNewSiteBrainstorming - dump for possible things to include in the new site

BostonWebsiteCommitments - an ongoing process defining our goals for the website including brainstorming ideas for everything

Boston IMC Video Group

The video group is for people who produce or want to produce video. We will continue to use the Boston Indy Video List for open communication. Only members of the video group can be moderators of the list. The archives of the list will be accessible to everyone.

We will continue to work in collaboration with other Boston Indymedia working groups for major events, such as the September 24 protests in DC.

One of our main projects currently is the a bi-weekly live show at Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT) that focuses on bringing guests from the community to share their ideas and experiences. Below is the beginning of our notes for the show:


Upcoming Event Coordination Infosheets

These little wiki's are here to help us coordinate for events that we need to cover as well as events we are putting on for the public or the collective. If you are a currently active member of Boston Indymedia and would like to include information that would be helpful to the organization or coordination of these events, please feel free. Please remember the ideal of dialogue, wikis are a way of thinking as a group. Try not to engage in discussion, which by derivation is akin to the words percussion and concussion, and is defined as a battle of opinions. In other words, look for ways to suspend your assumptions whatever they may be, and trust the group to come up with a solution that is superior to any individuals personal model. Here are some of BostonEventCoverageIdeas, BostonsOutreachCoordinationIdeas and BostonsEventOrganizingIdeas, please review these when structuring a new event, and be familiar with them when adding to a extant one.

Outreach Ideas

This first stuff comes out of an Outreach meeting held on June 14 2005. It is the beginnings of looking at the situation as it is, but the meeting ended shortly before we got to any actionable material. THis is here to facilitate future discussions...

These are brainstorms we had:

on the topic of: What is Outreach?

  • Connect
  • Pull in New People
  • Indoctrination (jokingly)
  • Change the direction of the United States
  • interrupt the "banality of everyday life"
  • Break people out of "carpooling with Eichmann" mode
  • Make people aware
  • Conscious action
  • Information Exchange
  • "Communication Revolution" time
  • Figuring out what folks can do to help
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Clarity about our mission
  • figuring out our resources
  • making potential contributors aware of us and our resources
  • making us a place to call for breaking news
  • getting press releases, invites to press conferences
  • Getting people to write their own stories
  • Connecting to the outside world (social movements around the world)
  • PR for indymedia "We Exist!"
  • Connections to other Independent Media sources

To narrow things down we listed our goals:

  • New Volunteers
  • More readers/viewers/listeners
  • more coverage/ contributors
  • More connections to other media
  • More diversity
  • More Local
  • Better reflecting social movements in Boston
  • More "fluidity" for networking (explained as: a better structure for outreach that would result in it being easier for folks to see us, know who we are, and get involved with us is small or large ways.)

At this point one of us proposed that outreach efforts be broken into distinct areas, Volunteers, NGO's, Other Media, and more. Another one of us countered that the group should work off the list of goals instead. Shortly thereafter the meeting was adjourned.

New Volunteer Guide

The new Volunteer Guide is intended for an audience that is unfamiliar with the Independent Media Center as a global concept and organization and/or is considering volunteering for the Boston Independent Media Center. It provides them with a global and local history, as well as all the local policies and practices they will need to know to become functioning members of the Boston IMC. It is organic, open to edits at any time, and should be considered as just that: a foundation for and sharing ideas and continous work in progress.

The Boston Independent Media Center Volunteer Info packet

Introduction. BostonWelcomeToTheCollective
      1. BostonTheMissionStatement
      2. BostonHistory
      3. BostonHowToDigIn
      4. ImcBostonWorkingGroups and Editorial
      5. BostonEmailListservs, plug in.
      6. BostonWorkshopsAndClasses
      7. BostonOutReach
      8. BostonFundRaising
      9. BostonConSenSus
      10. BostonHowToRunAgreatMeeting
      11. BostonDiVersity
      12. BostonConflictResolution2
      13. BostonThePrinciplesOfUnity
      14. BostonPressPassApplication
      15. GettingInvolvedGlobally
      16. IdeasForTheFuture
      17. Editorial Content Management



The stuff below is older stuff that I mostly copied into the organization above (some of the editor stuff still needs to go up into the website working group part)

A. The Independent Media Center

  1. ImcHistory
  2. ImcStructure
  3. ImcPrinciplesOfUnity
  4. Role of Free Media Along International Media Networks

1. BostonHistory
  1. BostonMissionStatement
  2. BostonPrinciplesOfUnity
  3. BostonEditorialPolicy
  4. BostonNewswireDisclaimer
  5. BostonFeaturesGuidelines
  6. BostonDecisionMakingProcess
  7. BostonPressPassApplication
  8. BostonConflictResolution

C. Getting Involved

  1. BostonOpenPublishingSystem
  2. BostonGeneralMeetings
  3. ImcBostonWorkingGroups2


ShutTheFuckUp by Subcomandante Marcos


'The Book' - Guide and Rules for Meeting Reference




Boston IMC Mailing Lists

-- RobBoston - 24 Sep 2005

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